Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ask and you shall receive!

I just asked how I can ease up on the sweets in my last post and lo and behold, here's a tip!
My dear friend Autumn of Space for Living, shared this video with me.

Jorge Cruise of the belly fat cure diet shares a tip from Dr. Oz that is totally do-able!
And if you're inspired to hear more about the Belly Fat Cure after watching this video; Jorge Cruise is sharing tons o' tips on his website.

P.S. Guess what? This is my 100th post! Hooray!!! And in honor of that, let's open this up. It's meant so much to share this journey with you all and since I'm feeling a dose of brave...I'm down to keep on sharing.

Ho ho how can I stop eating these delicious holiday treats?

While I ponder that question, I wanted to drop a quick hello. So many updates (as usual) including the big news that I'm going to go public with my blog! So stay tuned for some updates and more regular posting (fingers crossed).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

An evening with Oprah

I spent a totally cozy and lovely evening with the Barbara Walters special featuring Oprah. Oh Oprah, you continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

Tonight she spoke candidly about her relationship with her friends (her contemplating captured in the pic below); with her partner and with her show. It was truly inspiring. She also spoke about her relationship with food and with her weight.
I loved this. She said, overeating is about, "being out of balance and about being disconnected."
She says she will never diet again. She talks about her relationship with herself and knowing that "herself" is more than the size of her thighs.
So inspired by that reminder. Overeating is about being out of balance and disconnected. Out of balance... and disconnected....
I'm going to keep mulling that over. And continuing to seek balance and connection.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Creating space

My dear friend Autumn has launched a blog called Space for Living.

I'm honored and delighted to be a guest poster this week. I shared part of my de-cluttering adventures, specifically the area where I keep my inbox and active files.
It had gotten out of control and since this shelf is in my bedroom, it meant waking up to clutter!
But after a quick clearing the deck it became a totally workable space.

Head on over and check out her blog and even submit some of your own works in progress!

...Gaining self

As the Tagline for this blog says, B getting hot! is about Losing Weight and Gaining Self.

For me it's not a fitness blog. There are plenty of those. And it's certainly not a diet blog. (Still avoiding that word with a vengeance). This is more of a space to share the journey of literally losing weight: the pound kind, the clutter kind, the negative emotion kind, the worry kind. And gaining self: being present with a healthy, strong, more confident, safe, loving me!

That's going to take all sorts of steps, not just the kind recordable on a pedometer either. So in case you were wondering why one day I might post about my attempts at healthier eats and another day post a poem or quote I love, that's why. The journey to get healthier is never one track and anytime I've forgotten that and solely focused on my food or exercise I've not made the meaningful changes that I truly want.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ready to dance?

It's Monday morning! Are you ready to boogie?
Here is your mission if you choose to accept it.

Turn up the volume on your computer, click link below and boogie down in your living room like it's Friday night on a crowded dance floor.

I totally forgot about this song but I heard it this morning and it is going to be added to my workout mega mix immediately!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I want this hanging by my bedside table.

It says “Because everything is relative, choose joy.”

Photo and post found here at

Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby steps

I have no idea how pedometers work. (I mean the actual technical nitty gritty behind how this little device can tell I've just taken a step).
No matter, because I am officially obsessed with this little gadget.
I've been averaging about 7,000 steps a day (a few thousand less on days when my longest walks are from my bedroom to the kitchen and back).
But since the "goal" (set by whom?) is 10,000 steps per day; I decided to give it a go. I wanted to see if I could incorporate 10,000 steps throughout a day and do it consistently for a week.

So on Monday I decided to make sure I remembered to wear my pedometer all day long. I took a few walks around my neighborhood throughout the day, getting the mail, moving my car, etc and sure enough by the end of the day I had 10,199 steps! Whoo!

On Tuesday I was out walking the pooches and so I got to 10,000 and then some!

I continued the trend for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! I love it!
The beginning of the week I was running more errands and being more active, but I found that at the end of the week I definitely had to work harder at getting to the 10,000 mark. I took an extra lap around the block, went for a mini walk while I was on the telephone, and I also took the doggies on an extra long walk (which they certainly appreciated).
On Thursday I was walking with a friend and she got into it too. As our walk wound down she asked what number I'd reached. I was at about 7,000 and she said, okay, let's keep walking then! She even cheered for me when I hit 10,000!

Even though it's not a substitute for the focused exercise sessions I'm hoping to incorporate into my day; I have to believe that these steps add up and they definitely count!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jane Fonda telling it like it is

If you could tell your 25-year-old self one thing, what would it be?
Oh, geez, when I was 45, I was going through a 20-year battle with anorexia and bulimia. I've hit bottom. Food addiction and eating disorders are terrible. You can get booze out of the house. You can get drugs out of the house. But you can't get food out of the house. I suffered from it until I was about 43 or 44 years old.
So, what I would say to my 25-year-old self is: "Jane, sweet, dear, sad girl, can't you see that what you're doing by binging and purging, that you're in search of something? You think you're finding your answer in food but that's not where it is. You have to learn, and open yourself to something beyond yourself." A great Jungian psychologist named Marion Woodman said, "Human beings are like chalices -- if we're empty, we're going to fill the emptiness with addictions." If we can fill the emptiness with spirit, humility and understanding what we're really lacking, then we will no longer be addicts. It happened to me, and it took me a lot longer than 25. But for me, it was exercise.

You can find the rest of the article here.

Photos top:, bottom photo:


Lunch with my friend.
Wanted this...

And this...

Chose this....

Gotta appreciate the Target Cafe (not where I had intended to have lunch) had some really healthy options. Complete with calorie count.
I am NOT on a diet. The mere word summons so many feelings of anxiety that I take great care to avoid it. But I am trying to make some healthier choices. And for me that meant no yummy, gooey, greasy pizza and instead having a turkey sandwich that wound up being filling and a better option for me in the moment.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To broadcast or not to broadcast....

Autumn said...

Ooh I can't wait to check out all the sugars. It is sickening but cute. I love the app too. I'm going to add it to my app review and credit you.

p.s. I think you should go public.

It was the p.s. that gave me little butterflies.... Should I?
I mean... I think the reasons I would open up the blog are:
1) I want to share this journey of getting healthy that so many people are also struggling with/ trying to figure out.
2) It'd be great to share ideas with others and also find out whats working for them. I know I love your comments and all of the suggestions you've shared.
3) I know how much I appreciated the bloggers who have so bravely shared their journey.

Reasons why I wouldn't go public:
1) Eeeeek! How scary? I know how vulnerable I felt when I first posted with you all and you're my dear dear friends.

Advice please!!

Getting back on track

I typically avoid the shiny, flashy blogs with blinking ads and popups. Although the content might be spectacular, I'm too easily distracted and often just feel overwhelmed with trying to even find the post amidst all of the ads. I'm recently making an exception though for this blog called
It's part of this whole "blogging empire" where everything is "sugar". Casasugar for house blog, Savvysugar for money blog.... sickeningly sweet right?

But underneath all the bells and whistles, fitsugar offers some pretty solid ideas in picture-filled, easily digestible posts. Though warning, I have yet to find a picture of anyone over a size 2 on the blog.

I bookmarked this post, Eight Ways to Get Back into Your Fitness Routine on Monday. It's pretty common sense: wash your workout clothes, schedule in your exercise, etc. But I still loved it!

I also found this iPhone Shake a Snack app through the blog (free til Dec. 12th!)

Image found on

Happy 1st day of December

Hi friends!
It's been a minute-- actually a month since I last chatted with you here.
My blogging adventure of daily Pilates and blogging was sadly postponed. I had to hold off for a week because I went down south to visit with my family when my Uncle was in the hospital. And then a week later overdid some lifting and tweaked my back. Yowsa! I'm feeling okay about the holding off though because as much as I love the idea of the daily workouts and blogging, I'm really out of shape and I don't want to injure myself even more and be out of commission for longer. So, that means for now I just get to direct my blogging energy right here with you!
Thanks for your encouragement and love!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello friends

Why hello there.
So many lovely things I want to share with you. 2 announcements for you in this post.
1) I love my friends (that's you I'm talking about my dear friend and reader of this blog journey). And at this moment I'm writing this post from Autumn's house. You know Autumn, right? Mama o' 2 amazing girls that I adore. And all around excellent encourager.

I took a quick little hi-ate-us down south here so that I can see some of my favorite people and also get a quick recharge. I was talking to Autumn about feeling discouraged about having gained weight (I have) and she said quite simply. "Well, it's a transition time for you right now. It doesn't have to be forever." I eat healthier here, get more exercise and frankly get spoiled by the Nyby family hospitality. Love it. Love her! Thanks for the encouragement Autumn!

Announcement 2) I have been selected to participate in a blogging/ fitness adventure. I'll be taking daily classes at a local Pilates studio in the city and blogging about it! Like a pretty public version of what I'm doing over here on bgettinghot. So as soon as I have the link I'll be sharing it with you friends!

Stick with me! I'm still here!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I decided to read through my previous posts in the hopes to continue getting reconnected to my goals.

It made me happy to read the words I'd written back in March. I've been feeling far away from these words, but not for long!

As I take steps towards losing weight, I want to remember that feeling of deep gratitude. I am so thankful for all the things I do in this body. I can run and love and do yoga, and laugh and lift my nieces high in the air, and create work I care about, and dance, and hug, and so much more. As I work to get healthier I remember it is so that I can feel stronger and healthier and love my body more and more each day.

It was also so wonderful to read the encouragement you've all been sharing along the way! So thanks!

Good morning!

Good morning!
Last night I made sure I had a few things on my nightstand to help get the day started right. These included water, my pedometer, some "light" reading on healthy lifestyles and one of my newest favorite quotes: "Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live." -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I'm feeling more motivated to get moving in part because I've been feeling so down lately. So many transitions have been weighing on me with losing my job, gaining weight, and generally just feeling overwhelmed. So this space, right here, this blog is helping me revisit some of my goals and I think feel a little less alone as I work to achieve them.

Last night I went to the first of this class on healthy balance, looking at tools to help you lose weight and eat better. They say that folks who are trying to lose weight generally know more than anyone else about how to do it. From calorie content, to fat grams, to best exercises; its not from lack of knowledge that we're feeling far from our goals. But a class can help to get these things back in the forefront of your mind and also help revitalize your goals.

There were folks of all ages and sizes in the class. First a nutritionist spoke and then the fitness guy led us through some stretches. I want to complain just a tiny bit because I did not like the fitness guys approach at all. He was teaching us some stretches from our chair that you can do at your desk at work or anywhere. But he wasn't explaining them thoroughly and the people next to me were doing it in a way that looked really really uncomfortable. I have taken (and taught) enough movement classes to know that it's pretty disrespectful to "side teach"; basically as a student give corrections or instructions to a fellow student. So I didn't want to say anything. Finally though when a guy next to me said I just don't feel anything, I whispered "try scooting your hips closer to the edge of your chair". He did and then said, "oh wow, that works." He smiled at me and said thanks and I felt glad that I snuck in a little comment to him. I don't think the instructor even caught it.

At the class they had us weigh in (I've gained about 14 pounds since I started this journey-- I'll let you do the math). And then after we took our latest weight we received a folder and a little keeping track booklet. Each week we'll record our food and our exercise and turn it in. We're also supposed to weigh ourselves everyday which feels a bit contrary to what I've heard in the past but I'll give it a go. We were to set some goals for ourselves for the first week. For me I set writing down all my food as accurately as possible since it's a habit I've fallen out of, wear my pedometer all week to record my steps, and also incorporate daily stretching. Those feel doable!

So I figure its great to have team support on this one. Between my class and my sharing here with you, I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic that I can share obstacles and moments of overwhelm and keep on moving towards my goals!

Oh speaking of goals! They gave us a goal. It's the first time that I've had a goal handed to me and I kind of liked it. Taking some of the guesswork out. They basically encouraged us to lose about a pound a week and at the end of the class they want you to have lost 7% of your body weight. I'll keep you updated here!

Monday, October 4, 2010

More wisdom from Real Simple

I loved this "Readers Advice" section of the Real Simple.
Here are some of my favorite suggestions!
What about you? Do you have any favorite things that motivate you?

Getting hot on a budget.

I am currently unemployed. Nope, not trying to panic here. And I'll save the stories and worry for off line chats. I bring it up though because gone are the days when I can afford a fancy gym membership (even though let me tell you I loved that sauna!).

Perfect to open my email box and receive a message from Real Simple that included this helpful tip:
Get fit at home. Set up an efficient gym in your house that will work your whole body, no matter how much space you have available. Finally, a complete workout without ever leaving home.
I started thinking about what I used at the gym: the treadmill (despite its' bad rep I really like the treadmill), the free weights (though sometimes I get a little intimidated by the folks there), and the mats for stretching. And I looked into the equipment I already have on hand.
My yoga mats (not pictured), my 5 lb. free weights, my muscle roller (that big white roller thing), my blocks (assists for yoga), and my videos. A couple of yin yoga videos and my latest acquisition Jackie!
And for my treadmill walks I happen to live in one of the hilliest cities ever. Is that all enough to achieve hotness?
Ah, right, I actually have to use them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen

Alright folks... If I'm going to be real on this blog, I've got to tell it like it is. That includes the things I'm pretty embarrassed about. Meaning I'm going to share our ridiculously cluttered pantry....
We don't have much cabinet space in the kitchen, but we do have a nice sized storage room where we have our laundry, storage and our pantry. It started as a bookshelf. Then we put a table in front. 2 roomies who moved out over the last 2 years left a bunch of her food and so what started as individual shelves turned into a big jumble. When we get back from the grocery store we just kind of throw our food in there.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it means that we easily forget what we've purchased and so when it's time to fix dinner, sorting through this madness is the last thing anyone wants to do.
So I'm on a mission! I'm going to organize it.

As Peter Walsh says, "No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen". And it's so true. It just stresses me out to even look at it. I'll keep you updated right here on bgettinghot. My goals for the space include moving the table away so that we can more easily access the shelves. Having all food neatly organized so that I can quickly see what I have and what I need more of. Since one of my goals is to cook at home more, I've been working to make the kitchen more of a space I want to spend time in and that includes the pantry. Stay tuned!

We're walking

That little fluff ball at my feet is our puppy, Fillmore. She's actually my roomie's dog, but since I live with her, I get to enjoy her good moods and snuggles (as well as her mischievous puppy ways too). One good thing about her is our need to walk her a few times a day. It's gotten me out of the house more readily and walking more often.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm taking part in a study that looks at the link between being overweight and your asthma. Today the clinician had me identify which image looked most like the way I see myself now and which one is the image that I see as my ideal image.
It looked something like this.

I selected 7 as how I see myself now and 4 as what seems like where I'd want to be. 4 seemed pretty comfortable. Not super skinny but definitely toned.

I also found this image in a People magazine I was reading recently. She's a plus sized model who has recently lost some weight and is feeling like her life is healthier than it's ever been. She's still considered plus sized, though she seems pretty small to me. She seems pretty close to the number 4 in the images above.

What about you? Does your self-perception feel pretty accurate?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hop to it!

That was some hiatus! But here I am and excited to keep sharing this journey. Check out this video from my Oprah Summer Vacation. It features a special guest!
(**directors note, turn down the volume a bit, I was right by the microphone =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good article

Not that I'm failing per se... but thought this was a really helpful article.

4 Reasons Diets fail
By Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

So many of the weight loss clients I've worked with one-on-one in my New York City practice admit to being professional dieters. They've tried every weight loss plan, scheme, and promise under the sun and failed miserably over and over again. And 9 times out of 10, their attempts flop because of one--or some combination--of the four reasons I discuss below. That being said, awareness is key and if you know what mistakes to watch out for, you're already a step ahead of the pack. Here's what you need to know--and can do--to immediately boost your chance of long-term success.

Reason #1: You're not fully committed.

I always tell clients at our first session together: Weight loss is at least 50 percent attitude. If you're not truly ready to make a full-time commitment to losing weight, chances of long-term success are pretty slim. That's because when efforts are half-hearted from the get-go, people typically lose interest in their diet soon after they start. The sad truth is, it's not really worth starting a weight loss program if your head isn't in the game.

How to Prevail:

My best advice is to do some serious soul-searching and identify a significant and enduring source of personal motivation for finally shedding the extra weight. Maybe it's to better manage health conditions... or to be around for your kids and grandkids... or to finally feel more comfortable in your own skin and boost your energy level.

The bottom line is that this motivation has to come from within YOU. Then, strengthen your resolve and recharge your motivation every single day with positive self talk and daily or weekly goals. I think long term goals are terrific, but short term goals can be even more powerful because they reinforce success every step of the way.

Reason #2: You expect miracles.

Individuals who launch a new diet with unreasonable expectations regarding how much weight they're going to lose each week--or who have an unrealistic goal weight in mind--are signing themselves up for trouble. If you can't match your desired pace of weight loss, you'll more than likely end up terribly disappointed and quickly jump ship.

How to Prevail:

Though you'll probably see a dramatic drop on the scale during the first few weeks on a new diet, most people eventually average out at a loss of one to three pounds per week for the duration of their plan. And if they do shed pounds more quickly than that--say, by fasting for long stretches of time--they're more likely to gain the weight back... and then some.

I know television shows and infomercial success stories lead you to believe that you can melt off fat in a matter of weeks, but the truth is, successful weight loss is a slow and steady process. If you can accept this fact and buckle down for the long haul, you will ultimately be handsomely rewarded with better health, a smashing figure, and newfound confidence.

Reason #3: Your plan isn't sustainable.

If you're following an extreme weight loss plan that doesn't even slightly resemble "normal" eating, there's a good chance your efforts won't last. And, in my opinion, subsisting entirely on shakes, smoothies, cookies, or tonics isn't normal eating. When you view a diet as a short-term deviation from your typical eating habits, rather than a long-term lifestyle change, you will almost certainly have a hard time maintaining your weight loss.

How to Prevail:

A diet should be based on appropriate amounts of healthy foods that keep you feeling satisfied and energized--not cranky and deprived. Most importantly, a diet should be viewed as a launching pad for a long-term lifestyle change. That's because to lose weight and keep it off forever, you really will have to permanently change your eating habits. With that in mind, it's important to choose an eating plan that you can easily transition into lifetime maintenance.

And while I can appreciate how provocative some of these quick-fix, restrictive diet plans can be, they truly are a set-up for failure and yo-yo dieting. Without fail, every restrictive plan has a calorific binge waiting right around the corner. Not the way to go for long term success. Instead, a food plan you can stick with for life is key.

Reason #4: You can't forgive your slip-ups.

This is an incredibly common diet pitfall. When people inevitably give into temptation and subsequently "fall of the wagon" for one meal or one day, they tell themselves they've blown their diet and throw in the towel for good. To be successful, you have to learn to overcome these temporary setbacks. You can't let one binge or one "off day" turn into a full week, or month, of splurging. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult for some individuals to break this cycle of negative thinking.

How to Prevail:

Don't dwell on your mistakes. Instead, shake it off and get right back on track at your very next meal... or the very next day. And always remember, nobody gains weight from one rich dinner or a single slice of cake. The real trouble starts when you allow that one "splurge" to snowball into an all-out eating frenzy. Take it one meal at a time and learn to forgive yourself; every dieter has slip-ups, but the successful ones know how to keep those occasional lapses contained.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Did I post this already?

Feeling like I needed a dose of this quote today:

Want to know what's in store for us in 2010? I'm predicting a sudden, burning need for exercise. A need so powerful, we won't be able to ignore it. The excuses of the past (e.g. "I'm too tired." "I don't have enough time." "This is so boring.") will no longer exist and our sidewalks will be so full of exercisers that we will spill into the streets, stopping traffic with our sweaty selves and shouting "Get out of my way! I'm exercising!"

--Paige Waehner, yahoo about exercise blogger

Friday, June 4, 2010

I am proud of me!

I'm proud of myself for:

Going to Yoga three times this week

Bringing my lunch to work 3 times this week

Drinking lots of water

P.S. 7:15am yoga was actually pretty amazing. May try again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dust yourself off and try again.

Three things:
1) I made my pita sandwich again and remembered to take a picture before I ate it. It was really good. And I liked using hummus instead of mayo and mustard.

2) My friend invited me to a 7:15am yoga class tomorrow! Eek! Must go to bed early and even lay out my yoga clothes so that I'm all ready.

3) I feel a little calmer today. A little more gentle on myself. Been digging Jillian Michaels mantra from her new show "Losing It". I only saw a bit of it, but in the part I saw, she said:

Why choose failure when success is an option.

Ooooh! I've been trying to move away from thinking of any of my efforts as a failure, but I really liked that and even said it to myself when I was wanting to go get a chai this morning instead of making my coffee at home.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food is your friend

Not sure when my cousin Keri got so wise. I called her right after I finished my work day.

A hard day. I entered my office optimistic and excited to have had a weekend of recharging and right away from the second I opened my email, I was stressed out. I tried to shake it off. I drank tea I'd made myself! I ate my healthy lunch.

And then, I started snacking.

In the moment it seems like the food is going to comfort and help take that stress away. Like it's going to relieve it. But it doesn't make the situations better or make me less overwhelmed. It might calm a bit for a moment but it doesn't comfort.

It does help to distract for a second, but then I end up feeling bad about eating it and when the high from the junk wears off I still have to deal with all of the things I had to deal with before.

As many times as I think I know that lesson it's a relearning process. Little by little creating new strategies for the pause button. New tools for me to tap in to; ones that actually recharge me for tackling those to do's instead of zapping me and leaving me feeling discouraged.

I know this post might sound like ones I've written before, but know that I'm learning. And as I'm learning, I'm sharing.

Ah, so back to Keri! I called her and she helped me pause. And say, "Beth food is still your friend. Just because you ate junk this afternoon it doesn't mean that you have failed." It was nice to help me pause and get some perspective.

Thanks Keri! And thanks friends for reading along.


I forgot how proud of myself I feel when I bring my lunch!

Today pita with lettuce, tomato, hummus, cheese and chicken.

I should have taken a picture for you!

May month in review

0- Pounds lost

0-Pounds gained

This means total pounds lost-a whopping 1, but oh so many lessons learned

18- posts

That's all the "tallying" I'll do for now.

Monday, May 31, 2010

To revitalist or not to revitalist

Over dinner tonight my roomies and I started talking about wrinkles. I don't think that's a bad word, just one that I haven't used much until recently. Turns out my roommate has been using eye cream and firming cream since she was 25!!! (She's 31 now) I was laughing about this revelation because apparently it's something that is "the norm" to start younger and younger. "You have to do it before you get wrinkles. It's a preventative measure."
"Too late, I have them already."
"It's never too late Bethany. Start now."
I remembered that Oprah had given me a bottle of revitalist at her Live your Best Life Weekend. (I still have so much blogging I want to do about that weekend!)
I figured it's worth trying, since it's free and all.
We also talked about sunblock. Something I put on when I head to the beach or a picnic but I don't use daily. That's a for sure.
But the revitalift? I don't know. What do you think? Is it a slippery slope? Or just a part of taking care of your skin?

Goal report back

This weekend, while busy, was so lovely. I think it's mostly because I was actually feeling pretty healthy for the most part after such a nasty cold. I set some goals for the weekend and I think I did well!

go grocery shopping so that I have good food in the house (and can get back to packing lunches next week)
Went shopping and got produce and some basics. I'll still need to get some goodies at the store tomorrow, but it felt really nice to have actual fresh food in the house.

Exercise at least 2 times this weekend, maybe even including a yoga class
It was a double dose today. Walked 2 miles and did yoga!! The yoga was a little tricky since I went to class right after seeing SATC2 with my roomie (complete with a cocktail or two). Pre-yoga cocktails... yowsa maybe not such a great idea.

Get good sleep
About to go to bed. Nice.

Work on cleaning up my room and making it feel more comfortable and clean. (I'll post some pics from my new room soon!)
Yes! Painted a piece of furniture I found on the street (Autumn, you'd be proud of me). And organized a bit.

Catch up on some of the blog posts I've been meaning to share!
More coming soon =)

Friday, May 28, 2010


I had plans with a friend after work and she rescheduled. I have to admit I'm kind of glad she did because I am tired and want to go home and do laundry and be in my house and enjoy my space. I've been rushing around in the week or two since I had my cold, trying to catch up on things that I let pile up. This weekend though....I'm slowing down.

Goals for the weekend:
  1. go grocery shopping so that I have good food in the house (and can get back to packing lunches next week)
  2. Exercise at least 2 times this weekend, maybe even including a yoga class
  3. Get good sleep
  4. Work on cleaning up my room and making it feel more comfortable and clean. (I'll post some pics from my new room soon!)
  5. Catch up on some of the blog posts I've been meaning to share!
Yup, that's it. Very modest goals. I need those do-ables to launch me forward! Hope you are well and tlc'ing yourself!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You do not take up too much space. You are not an inconvenience. You are not
a slacker. If it's the first time you've ever done something, you do not have to apologize for not being perfect at it. If you have done something a hundred thousand million times, you still do not have to apologize for not being perfect at it.

Save your apologies for when/if you genuinely injure/harm someone. Go all day
without apologizing for yourself and see what if feels like to exist without
begging someone's pardon.

My friend Nicole shared this. It's a part of a longer piece.
I think it's pretty great.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been thinking about shedding, not only pounds but things that are no longer true about myself (or maybe they never were true).

In this case, I'm ready to shed this phrase from my self-descriptors. "I can't cook. I don't kn0w how to cook. I'm a terrible cook. I don't know how to feed myself good food."

If you've spent any amount of time with me, you know that I say this a lot. And when I'm about to enter a grocery store, or prepare a meal for myself it's the loud mantra playing on repeat in my head. But here's the funny thing, the more I say it, the truer it feels. And IT'S NOT TRUE!

It is true that cooking and making healthier choices takes more of an effort for me than some people I know. It's true that I need to invest time at the grocery store, not go shopping when I'm hungry or rushed, and most of all I need a clean kitchen. As Peter Walsh says "No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen". So true.

But I do know how to follow a recipe and make a plan for a meal and make a real shopping list. I DO know how to do this. And by believing that it maybe removes a little of the anxiety I feel when I'm about to go shopping.

I still need creative ideas on snack options and I need to practice bringing my lunch and preparing meals at home, but most of all that's because the thing I have been practicing is eating out and grabbing junk foods. So of course that it what I'm going to be better at!

There's something to this whole Shedding things that aren't true anymore thing. I'm going to keep exploring it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can I start off every morning like this?

After you watch this video:

Fill in the blank in the comments if you are so inspired:

"I like my..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aha moment!!!!

I headed out for the first time in days. Sure, this week I've gotten the mail, I've picked up a few groceries at the corner grocery store; but actually interacting with anyone other than my roommates?

I had a meeting for the QWOCMAP festival team. (My film was made as a part of the QWOCMAP class and will be featured in the festival this summer!) And as excited as I was to see my fellow filmmakers, I was not looking forward to having to be alert and articulate after the way this cold got me down. I hopped on the bus (so grateful that I caught the bus I was afraid I'd miss) and then 10 minutes later I was at my stop.

I was late and so I was rushing down the block and already starting to sweat. And then suddenly I thought, "slow down". It caught me by surprise because previous to that moment I had been thinking "rush, rush, hurry up, get there, hurry." And it was so lovely to have the exact opposite thought, "slow down". Here it is my first "outing", I'm not feeling particularly healthy yet, and the last thing I needed to do was stress myself out and rush about.

The "slow down" that I heard started spreading to other areas of my life and most specifically and directly to this weight loss/bgettinghot journey. I have been feeling panicky about feeling and being so heavy as some major events approach: my jobs 20th anniversary event, the QWOCMAP film festival and parties, SF pride, etc, etc, etc, and I've been sick this week and haven't felt up to exercising and I've been so exhausted....

And somehow the "slow down" morphed and became this aha moment that was "I don't have to be skinny to enjoy these events. I don't have to be skinny to feel loved at these events. I don't have to be skinny to be allowed at these events." Even right now as I'm writing it I got a little chill, because as common sense as it might seem it feels like a new and almost forbidden thought.

This powerful unlinking of my presence at these events and whether I've lost weight or not. I know I want to feel healthier and this unlinking is not the same as me giving up or as me stepping away from my goal. Instead it's a gentleness. A literal weight lifted. "Slow down". Really be in this journey, getting stronger and challenging myself and paying attention to my choices and most of all trusting that I can and will lose weight and get stronger as I learn to make better choices and as I feel safer and stronger.

I feel a little hotter already.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yoga in NYC!

Last weekend I went to New York for a real live vacation! The last 3 trips to New York have been for work, so I was delighted to see what heading out to NY for rest and relaxation could feel like!
How do you "turn off work" and head into vacation mode? I made a list for myself: 1) Since I was heading to the Oprah "Live Your Best Life" Weekend, I wanted to relax and really try to soak in all the beauty and delight of the Oprah-fied wisdom. 2) take a yoga class. 3) get a massage 4) eat delicious food 5) have a cocktail or three

First stop! A yoga class! I looked up a few options but then received an email from a friend announcing a "90s yoga cocktail hour". An hour of yoga moves and 90s jams.

Can't say that I've ever yoga flowed to ice ice baby before, but now I can.
As I work up to my 3 yoga classes a day it's fun to take classes at new studios. Just heard on Dr. Oz that he does: 50% cardio, 30% yoga, 20% strength training. (And speaking of Dr. Oz, stay tuned!)
How do you tune into vacation mode? does yoga do the trick for you?

April in Review

A belated post! April in review.
So, March brought the start of this official bgettinghot journey and April brought some discouragement. But in an effort to keep on keeping on here's April in review.

April getting hot in review, by the numbers:
10--days that I incorporated some form of movement, exercise or extra activities in my day.

15-- posts sharing my steps and goals.

3-- more pounds lost! (so 10 total!)

9-- pounds regained by May 15th.

But I'm back on track and so excited to share the current happenings.

I can breathe! (almost)

I know yesterday's post was just an article, and not too personal, but really there were a lot of gems in that article! Yes?
So, in honor of me being able to almost breathe out of my nostrils again.... I thought I'd start catching up on my blog posts! Here we go....

Friday, May 14, 2010

So looking forward to exercise!

I'm still sick, dang this is a yuck cold... but this Prevention article had me longing for a yoga class or a healthy sweat. Long article, but has some nice notables in it.

17 Ways Exercise Sends Health Soaring
Besides losing weight, being active makes you healthier, happier, and sharper

By the Editors of

When most of us launch into a new fitness routine, it is for one common reason: to shed fat. But it turns out focusing on your weight loss goal alone can slash your odds of success by over half, say researchers. A better inspiration: The amazing health rewards you get by being active. Finding the right motivation can make you 70% more likely to keep it up for the long haul, reports the American College of Sports Medicine.

Next time you're too busy, tired, or achy to lace up your sneakers, remember these health-transforming benefits of exercise.

1. Be Happier at Work
Increase productivity...and maybe get a raise

An active lifestyle may help you check off extra items on your to-do list, says a study from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. On days staffers participated in on-site fitness activities, they reported thinking more clearly, getting more done, and interacting more effectively with colleagues. You'll be less likely to miss work due to illness, too. Research shows that people who participate in vigorous leisure-time physical activity (such as jogging or bicycling) just once or twice a week take about half the sick time of those who are more sedentary.

Do this: Sign up for workplace fitness classes. None on-site? Recruit coworkers to go for a lunch hour power walk. Or ask HR to designate a room for a noontime stretching or workout session, using DVD instruction.

2. Improve Your Vocabulary
Brush up on your Scrabble skills

A single treadmill session can make you brainier. Exercisers who ran just two 3-minute sprints, with a 2-minute break in between, learned new words 20% faster than those who rested, in a University of Muenster in Germany study. Getting your heart pumping increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen to your noggin. It also spurs new growth in the areas of the brain that control multitasking, planning, and memory.

Do this: Add a bout of exercise, like running up and down the stairs, before trying to memorize anything--say, Spanish phrases for your trip to Mexico.

3. Get Natural Pain Relief
Keep moving to ease stiff, achy joints

It may seem counterintuitive, but rest isn't necessarily best for reducing pain and stiffness in the knees, shoulders, back, or neck. Healthy adults who did aerobic activity consistently had 25% less musculoskeletal pain than their couch-bound peers, says Stanford senior research scientist Bonnie Bruce, DrPH, MPH, RD.

Exercise releases endorphins, the body's natural pain reliever, and may make you less vulnerable to tiny tears in muscles and tendons. Staying active can also provide relief for chronic conditions such as arthritis: In a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study, arthritis sufferers experienced 25% less pain and 16% less stiffness after 6 months of low-impact exercise like balance and strengthening moves. Most people start to feel improvement within a few weeks, says study author Leigh Callahan, PhD, an associate professor of medicine at UNC.

Do this: Practice yoga or tai chi twice a week; both increase flexibility and range of motion and reduce pain.

4. Feel Sexy at Any Size
Flaunt a figure you can be proud of

A good workout practically ensures a better body image. The simple act of exercising-regardless of your weight or fitness level-can make you feel positive about how you look, possibly due to the release of feel-good hormones, finds a review of 57 studies on exercise and body image.

Working out can also boost your libido by increasing blood flow to the genitals. University of Washington research found that just one 20-minute cycling workout enhanced sexual arousal up to 169% in women. And the benefits stand the test of time: A Harvard study of swimmers found that those over age 60 were as satisfied sexually as those decades younger.

Do this: Try 20 minutes of aerobics before a romantic evening. To feel good naked anytime, walk or do yoga daily.

5. Lower Dental Bills
A health-boost worth smiling about

Flossing and brushing, it turns out, are not the only keys to a healthy smile, says Mohammad Al-Zahrani, DDS, PhD, a former associate professor at Case Western Reserve University. Exercise plays an important role, too. In his recent study, Al-Zahrani discovered that adults who did 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 or more times a week were 42% less likely to suffer from periodontitis, a gum disease that's more common as you get older. Working out may thwart periodontitis the same way it does heart disease--by lowering levels of inflammation-causing C-reactive protein in the blood.

Do this: In addition to staying active, get a twice-yearly dental cleaning (or more often if your dentist says you are at high risk for gum disease).

6. Unlock Hidden Energy
Rouse your body out of a slump

If you're among the 50% of adults who report feeling tired at least 1 day a week, skip the java and go for a walk. University of Georgia researchers who analyzed 70 different studies concluded that moving your body increases energy and reduces fatigue. Regular exercise boosts certain fatigue-fighting brain chemicals such as norepinephrine and dopamine, which pep you up, and serotonin, a mood enhancer.

Do this: Take a 20-minute stroll for a quick pick-me-up, or aim for 40 minutes of activity daily for a sustained lift.

7. Shrink Stress Fat
Combat anxiety-related weight gain

Just two 40-minute workouts a week is enough to stop dangerous belly fat in its tracks, according to University of Alabama at Birmingham research. The waistline of those who worked out less expanded an average of 3 inches. Exercise may lower levels of hormones such as cortisol that promotes belly fat.

8. Slash Cold Risk 33%
Build up your body's defenses

Moderate exercise doesn't just rev your metabolism--it boosts your immune system, too, helping your body fight off cold bugs and other germs. Women ages 50 to 75 who did 45 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week, had a third as many colds as those who did once-weekly stretching sessions, a University of Washington study found.

Do this: Add more cardio to your routine by turning your walk into a run.

9. Improve Vision
Carrots are great, but exercise might be better

What's good for your heart is good for your eyes. An active lifestyle can cut your risk of age-related macular degeneration by up to 70%, according to a British Journal of Ophthalmology study of 4,000 adults. This incurable disease makes reading, driving, and seeing fine details difficult, and it's the most common cause of blindness after age 60.

Do this: Protect your eyes during all outdoor activities (if you're a walker, shoot for a mile a day). Be sure to wear UVA/UVB-blocking sunglasses all year long.

10. Reach the Deep-Sleep Zone
Decent shut-eye is not a far off dream

Say good night to poor sleep. Women age 60 and older who walked or danced for at least an hour, four times a week, woke up half as often and slept an average 48 minutes more a night than sedentary women, according to a study in the journal Sleep Medicine. That is good news for the many women who toss and turn more as they get older. As you age, sleep patterns start shifting, so you spend more of the night in lighter sleep phases, says Shawn Youngstedt, PhD, an assistant professor of exercise science at the University of South Carolina.

Do this: Aim to exercise for at least half an hour, even if it's after a long day. Evidence suggests that for most people, light to moderate activity in the evening won't disturb sleep, though trial and error will tell you what works for you.

11. Never Get Diabetes
Walk to keep your blood sugar in check

Walking 2 miles 5 times a week may be more effective at preventing diabetes than running nearly twice as much, report Duke University researchers. Because fat is the primary fuel for moderate exercise, walking may better improve the body's ability to release insulin and control blood sugar.

Do this: Start a walking program

12. Eliminate Belly Bloat
Shrink the muffin top

The next time you feel puffy around the middle, resist the urge to stay put. A study from Spain's Autonomous University of Barcelona suggests that mild physical activity clears gas and alleviates bloating. That's because increasing your heart rate and breathing stimulates the natural contractions of the intestinal muscles, helping to prevent constipation and gas buildup by expediting digestion.

Do this: Walk or pedal lightly on a bike until you feel better.

13. Clear Out Brain Fog
Build your mental muscle

Exercise is linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease among older people; now, new research shows it can prevent brain fog at a much younger age too. Japanese researchers assigned sedentary young adults to two groups; one took aerobic exercise classes, and the other did not. After 4 months, MRIs revealed that the nonexercising group experienced shrinkage of gray matter in some areas of the brain, while the active participants had no change.

Do this: Try a new fitness routine, or sign up for a new class at the gym. Besides the obvious benefit of getting a workout, trying something fresh can help stimulate the growth of brain cells.

14. Save Your Heart
Reduce dangerous inflammation

Sedentary, obese women age 50 and older who began exercising lowered their levels of C-reactive protein-an inflammatory blood marker linked to heart disease—by 10% after 1 year, found research recently published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

15. Add Years to Your Life
Stay healthy and active for years to come

Being physically fit can actually change how your body works. Vigorous exercisers have longer telomeres-cellular biomarkers that shorten as we age-compared with healthy adults who rarely work out.

16. Ease Your Ailments
Heal your body with yoga

Yoga has a well-earned reputation as a surefire stress reducer (particularly when combined with meditation), and new studies show the simple stretching regimen can also help treat and prevent a number of other ailments, from back pain to diabetes. Other research reveals regular yoga practice can put an end to mindless eating by creating an outlet for emotions that can lead to binging. Unfortunately, less than 15% of women over age 35 say they do yoga frequently, according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

17. Survive Breast Cancer
Increase your defenses against the disease

Exercise not only reduces breast cancer risk, it can also save your life if you're diagnosed. Overweight women who were exercising more than 3 hours a week before they were diagnosed were 47% less likely to die than those who exercised less than a half hour per week.

Do this: Sneak in mini bouts of exercise. Take a quick walk when you get the morning paper, hit the stairs before lunch, or knock out a few pushups and crunches while watching TV. Just two to three 10-minute workouts a day is enough to fill your quota for the week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Spring in NYC!

Hi there! I get all excited to be back to my blogging routine and then I'm gone again. But this time, it was not me giving up and checking out; it was actually me plugging in. I went on vacation! Gasp! A 4 day adventure to NYC for the Oprah Live Your Best Life weekend and even a quick 24 hours in sunny San Diego!
I have so many things I'm excited to share with you, including:
  • April in Review
  • Yoga in NYC
  • The art of packing light(er)
  • LYBL weekend part I, II and III
  • A new video with a surprise guest
  • And a real push up routine created by Autumn to help me get stronger and stay consistent!
For now though, I'm home with a cold and about to get some much needed sleep. I'm super excited to update you all though! Hope you are each well and healthy and delighting in the Springtime in whatever ways feel good to you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laughter therapy

I don't remember the last time I actually laughed during therapy. Not just a little giggle, I mean a full on guffaw all loud and hearty. Usually, it's quite the opposite.
Yesterday, I had my weekly therapy session and I said, "I'm just so disappointed in myself. Here it is a month away from my film event and I'm not going to have lost any weight at all."
I started to go on about this and my therapist stopped me,
"What does one thing have to do with another Bethany?"
"What do you mean? They have everything to do with each other."
"Why, it's not like you have to present your movie in a bikini, do you?"

And then I started laughing so hard at the thought of that and at my all or nothing thinking that really is not so logical when you really stop to think about it.

It ended up being a really great conversation about how we unlink those things. Keep them in different folders, because truly they don't have to be connected. I can find joy in my event and be proud of my film and feel present, even if I don't lose weight. And I will lose weight because I am working to make changes, even if they are little snowflakes that don't always seem to stick (yet).

Loved getting some perspective on it and taking a pause.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walk off the blah's

Beautiful Spring Day in SF. Feeling super drained though. Decided that I'd walk to my errand rather than ride the bus. Then I decided to walk back. Nice pace, no rushing. Just listening to my "4 minutes" pandora station and enjoying the sunshine. I didn't even mind that I showed up to the bank all sweaty and they still were just as happy to take my money.
Here are a few pics I snapped while heading past my local park.

What Heidi said

Despite Cosmo's claim that they have the corner on all things sexy and fabulous, I typically ignore the mag. That's usually pretty easy to do, but recently my roommate started subscribing and now we have copies all over the house. The May issue sitting on my kitchen table caught my eye because I tend to admire something about Heidi Klum's general fabulousness. Although I must admit this last season of Project Runway totally bored me (except for the genius of Tim Gunn of course).
I flipped to Heidis interview and was really struck by this quote.
You have to fully try before you give up.
As you know I've had some trouble these last few weeks with staying the course on my gettinghot goals. So I liked her take on this. Kind of like telling me, "Go ahead Bethany, give up. But only after you really really fully try." And it's in those moments that I really really fully try that I want to give up the least because I feel better and stronger and healthier!

More wisdom from The Simple Dollar

If you’re not happy with some aspect of your life, simply doing more of the same thing won’t help.You’ve got to do something different, and that often means completely changing the routine of your life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here I am!

Hi there! Didn't mean to lag in my posts.
I like posting regularly. It helps keep me connected to you and to my goals.
Speaking of which... I have been so far away from my goals lately. My trip to DC gave me a chance to practice being healthy while traveling. I think it was something about a second trip so close to my trip to Minnesota. And feeling stressed and not paying attention. The last few weeks have been a prime example of the slippery slope/ snowball/ whatever you want to call it, winning out over my smart choices. Ie... (almost) daily chais, sweets, alcohol. Yikes! But I realized that instead of running away from my goals, I have the choice to reconnect with them.
So, here goes!
I'm reconnecting to my goals. Instead of extremes or all or nothing choices, I'm trying to reflect on why I started this journey in the first place: to get HEALTHY!
What is my goal?
My goal is to be under 200 pounds and healthy, strong, sexy, and confident.

199 is not going to automatically equal healthy, strong, sexy and confident. But those feelings are achieved (I think) by setting and achieving goals. 199 is also not going to automatically make all my worries, debts, fears, etc go away. But 199 will mark a breaking through of a wall and the achievement of a goal that has felt so very far away.

I started reading this really wonderful blog called The Simple Dollar. A recent post talked about the idea of "Snowflaking". Basically it's the idea of not needing to snowball change in order to make a difference, but instead these little choices we make every day really do add up. Check out the post. It's pretty great. "It creates a powerful connection between big goals and the little choices we make each day, often in a very tangible fashion." Love this statement!!!

How lovely! Yes! These little choices I make every day. Even when I may not notice right away, connect me and ground me in my goals and I feel it in a more tangible way and make real movement!

Happy May folks! Please stick with me!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DC yoga

Traveling for work again. Captured some road trip yoga in honor of the trip.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Note to a future me...

Dear future me,
You can have wine it's true. But try to think about how you feel right now. 3 glasses plus a kind of junky dinner equals upset stomach. You feel better when you eat good food and drink plenty of water.
Bethany at 11:50pm up with a stomachache and alkaseltzer.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do you sleep?

Exercise definitely helps with sleep right? My sleep schedule has been kind of bizarre. Example, Friday night I went to yoga and then headed to a movie. When I got home I slept and slept and slept. Then I woke up and slept some more. Finally I got up only to need another nap. Even though I was getting a lot of sleep it still wasn't really restful and restorative. I think it was a combo of the exercise and just a really long week (or perhaps a 10pm movie is far too late for me). I wanted to share this article from yahoo's Shine blog with some tips:

Good habits for good sleep:
1. Exercise most days, even if it’s just to take a walk.
2. No caffeine after 7:00 p.m.
3. An hour before bedtime, avoid doing any kind of work that takes alert thinking. Addressing envelopes—okay. Analyzing an article—nope.
4. Adjust your bedroom temperature to be slightly chilly.
5. Keep your bedroom dark. Studies show that even the tiny light from a digital alarm clock can disrupt a sleep cycle. We have about six devices in our room that glow bright green; it’s like sleeping in a mad scientist’s lab. The Big Man's new pet, a Roomba (yes, he loves his robot vacuum), gives out so much light that I have to cover it with a pillow before bed.
6. Keep the bedroom as tidy as possible. It’s not restful to fight through chaos into bed.

If sleep won’t come:
1. Breathe deeply and slowly until you can’t stand it anymore.
2. If your mind is racing (you’re planning a trip, a move, Christmas shopping; you’re worried about a medical diagnosis), write down what’s on your mind. This technique really works for me.
3. Slather yourself with body lotion. It feels good and also, if you’re having trouble sleeping because you’re hot, it cools you down.
4. If your feet are cold, put on socks.
5. Stretch your whole body.
6. Have a warm drink. Some people claim that warm milk contains melatonin and trytophan and so helps induce sleep, but in fact, a glass of milk doesn’t contain enough to have any effect. But it’s still a soothing drink. My nighttime favorite: 1/3 mug of milk, add boiling water, one packet of Equal, and a dash of vanilla. A real nursery treat.
7. Yawn.
8. Stretch your toes up and down several times.
9. Tell yourself, “I have to get up now.” Imagine that you just hit the snooze alarm and in a minute, you’re going to be marching through the morning routine. Often this is an exhausting enough prospect to make me fall asleep.

Re-frame your sleeplessness as a welcome opportunity to snatch some extra time out of your day. I get up and tackle mundane chores, like paying bills, organizing books, or tidying up. Then I start the day with a wonderful feeling of having accomplished something even before 6:45 am.

P.S. Push up video coming soon. I promise.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More fun with pushups

Only 2 more days til my second push up video-- chronicling my quest to do a full push up off of my knees!
Today I was thinking about this and I randomly asked my boss (and the ED of the organization) if she could do a push up. She looked at me and said "of course". And she said it in a tone that made me think that what she wanted to follow that statement with was "can't everyone?"
So after work we had a game night and once we were all relaxed and out of work mode I asked her to show me. Ha! And she did. She busted out 10 push ups like it was no effort at all and said that for her birthday a few years ago she had a goal to do 50 in a row. Well, then everyone in my office got into it and pretty soon we were all attempting pushups. I was nervous to try since everyone else could do one, but I gave it a go and had fun at least being brave enough to try.
I'm going to keep working on it!

I'm curious, what are some goals you're working on right now?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little compliment goes a long way

Today my ballet teacher pointed to me just after I'd done a step and said "Nice!"
It made me feel so good.
That's about all I have to report today.

That and I'll share that I was contemplating doing a 30 day yoga challenge (yoga everyday for a month). I went 2 days and I'm so sore it's hard to describe. You know sometimes I get a little "all or nothing". Have you noticed that about me?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Want to read along with me?

My April book is "Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything"
by Geneen Roth
I'm ordering on amazon right... now!

Want to learn more about the book?
Oprah says:

An excerpt:

Let me know if you'd like to read along! I'll be posting about it here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely morning

A lovely morning in Minne"snow"ta. It was gorgeous warm weather! Thanks to facebook updates I found out that an incredible film, Off and Running, was playing at the Minneapolis JCC. It's a film that COLAGE has co-sponsored and will be a part of the fall POV series on PBS. Before the film, in honor of the theme of the movie they hosted a 1.5 mile community run! I decided to do it!
It was an amazing trail and though I hadn't made it to the hotel gym, this made up for it! I felt so proud of myself for having gotten up early and been adventurous in a new town. Everyone was super kind and friendly and after the run we were given, bagels, orange juice and a film festival t-shirt!