Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brave feet/ Brave Bethany

I went to Ballet!


  1. You know it did feel good. When I entered the studio I asked the front desk woman if she could recommend a beginning modern class. I went on an on about how I was trying to get back into dance and I was feeling intimidated and could she recommend a class, on and on. She was polite but really looked like she could care less. Ha ha. Guess I'll just have to go try out a class. I think I wanted her to say, "No Bethany! You can do it! Go to a modern class." But, point is I DID go to ballet and was pleasantly surprised that I remembered a few of the steps that I hadn't done in years! Behold the wonder of muscle memory.

  2. That's interesting, because I've always thought of modern as being more forgiving than ballet. There's no way I'd get in tights and a leotard in public! But loose sweatpants, on the other hand, now that seems doable. Haha! Anyway, yes, muscle memory. I'm always amazed that when I give my body a chance, it actually LIKES exercising!

  3. It's true, modern dance does have my heart... speaking of which, I'm going to see Alvin Ailey tonight! Hooray!!!!
    My body likes exercise too! So why have I had such a hard time getting going? Suppose I just need to go and trust that once I'm moving I will feel better! =)