Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 5!

More than half way there! Hooray!
The Fat Smash Diet is 90 days, but the first 9 days are definitely the most "strict".
One of the things I've been really nervous about is going out to eat. And today we took our new intern out for lunch. When the staff voted the winner was Thai. Ahhh! Thai, Suriya Thai, so delicious, Pumpkin Curry. So amazing.... What should I do? What can I possibly eat?

Since it was raining we opted for a closer restaurant, Mikado Sushi (also one of my favorite restaurants, yum!). Usually I get salmon teriyaki and california rolls. Not too bad of a choice, but it still has sugar in the teriyaki sauce and then also salmon and white rice and avocado and (imitation) crab... none of which are on my 9 day phase 1 list.
As I sat there with my co-workers I realized I had no idea what to get. Then... I asked for help! I actually think a couple of my co-workers kind of got into it. We were like detectives scouring the menu for a good match.
My co-worker mentioned Soba (buckwheat) noodles, which I hadn't heard of before. Pasta's not on the list, but brown rice is. That's close? Right? So I got Vegetable Udon with soba noodles and tofu added in.
Not bad! I added spices to make it a bit more flavorful, but overall I felt really proud of myself. I didn't even have the mochi that was delivered to the table at the end of the meal. Mmmm mochi.