Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 6 cravings

So far today: the cheddar and sour cream chips my co-worker is eating right now.
The york peppermint patty I have in my desk drawer.
The hot tamales that are across the street at Safeway.
The Chai and sweet bread downstairs at the cafe.
The wheat thins and cheese that are in the office kitchen.

Deeeeep breeeeaaattthhhsssss. Cravings are normal, but holy moly they're intense today. Where are they coming from?
I think it's because I feel overwhelmed today and a bit stressed about my upcoming work trip. And maybe because my new roommate wants to move in a day early and so that means I have to scramble tonight. And also because I wanted to go for a walk this morning and didn't.

Alright. Eating any of those things won't help.

I need to... make a list about tasks for work. Trust that even if I haven't totally gotten my new room set up, I can get things cleared out by tomorrow. And if I feel like I can't, I can ask my other roommates for help. I can go for a walk later.


  1. You're doing it, B!!! Way to resist those cravings. You're right - none of those snacks will help address the real causes of your stress, and they may only make you feel worse. I like how you recognized the connection, and took control of it. You're doing it with style!

  2. LB! Thanks so much for the encouragement. The cravings hit hard today but I am proud of the choices I made.