Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Even small victories can taste sweet

Oh if you could have seen me procrastinating this morning? I woke up early and left ample time to fix food for the day...
My mission: Pack food for lunch, snacks, AND dinner. Yikes!
I hadn't made my chicken casserole yet so I didn't really have leftovers to bring to work with me. I decided I'd just buy dinner; when a little voice that sounded kind of like all of your voices put together said "no! You can doooo it! Get creative!"

And then, I stalled. I did a few dishes. I made my bed. I pondered where missing socks go. You know... everything except pack my lunch.
Finally, I decided to just start. I put on some tunes in the kitchen and got down to business. I packed my snacks first. That was easy. Even lunch seemed manageable. But what to pack for dinner?!?! I decided to pack about 6 mini snack/meals. Little things like my yogurt and granola bar, an orange, a bigger sandwich, a tortilla with hummus, carrots, etc... I figured I'd just graze and since it was fairly healthy stuff that'd be fine.
And you know what?! I made it! I got home late and had one more snack before deciding that I had to document my success. It might seem small, but I know that ordinarily I would have bought coffee and a pastry on the way to catch the bus, then went out to buy lunch with my coworkers, then stopped for dinner before I went to the movies. But instead I was able to piece together a mix mash of things that left me feeling pretty proud of myself.
I know I know... kind of cheesy! But I have to celebrate these small things in the hopes they'll buoy me to the next.
Thanks for reading along.


  1. That's exactly how they say you should eat - small, balanced "snacks" instead of three big meals. Keeps everything nice and steady instead of peaks and valleys. Those sound very healthy, too! And you can add a small splurge item, like a bit of dark chocolate, or something with healthy fats like nuts or avocado to keep your motivation and energy level up :-). I found the Planters South Beach mixed nuts mix and love it - almonds, macademia nuts and cashews, no filler nuts like peanuts and brazil nuts.

    String cheese is also a healthy snack and easy to pack! Apples have fiber, which supposedly makes you feel fuller...

    I've always found Shape magazine really motivating, too, I've had a subscription for a few years now. It's super cheap (like $16 for a year subscription) and full of tips and stories from women sharing their successes/setbacks. Like your own journey, the magazine emphasizes health and wellbeing over just weight loss.

  2. Thanks Rachel! I love the suggestions. Yeah, I am so not used to eating that way-- with the balance throughout the day, but I did feel it helped. It takes practice I know so trying to be patient!
    I haven't checked out shape in a long time. I definitely will!

  3. Good work, B! I don't know if this would work for you, but I often get all my food for work ready the night before. Especially if I've already eaten dinner, it helps me from making bad choices when I'm not fully awake, or running late, in the morning. You just grab it from a bag in the fridge and you're on your way!

  4. LB, thanks for the cheering on and the suggestion! I should give it a try. I think if I am making dinner at night I can pack leftovers in a container so it's all ready to go. Oh! Did I tell you about my lunch packing zone? I might have already mentioned this. I read about it in an organizing article. I cleared out a shelf in one of my smaller kitchen cabinets and I put my lunch bag and some pre-matched tupperware. I also put a little container with all my lunch snack items in there (my kashi bars, little dried fruit packs, etc...). It's helped! So now I need to try packing it at lunch too. =)