Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finding the pause

There has to be a moment in between when I go to reach for some sugary snack or some ooey gooey cheesy goodness and the moment when it's in my mouth. Where's the pause button?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I realized that a lot of my eating patterns and habits are a reflex. The old standby junk food comforts (temporarily) , it fills (temporarily), and it's almost always within easy reach. So how do I find that pause button?

I'm working on a list.
So far I have:
1) Eat regularly, preferably smaller, healthier, mini-meals so that I am not famished during the day and just grab whatever is closest.
2) Get enough sleep. This helps me be more pleasant and also helps me make better choices since I'm more present in my day.
3) Keep envisioning my goals! My qwocmap film is debuting in June and I keep picturing myself on stage feeling healthier and more comfortable.
4) Get creative!!! There are lots of foods and food combos that I haven't tried and can satisfy cravings in ways that I didn't expect.
5) Savor treats. When I do eat something that is high calorie, enjoy it and stop sooner. Usually I will just keep eating because it tastes good and I can stop sooner or eat a smaller portion.

Hmmm... still working on the list, and obviously it's a lot easier said than done. My hope is that this list will be tools in my "bgettinghot" toolkit to use whenever I need it! Stay tuned.
Oh! And please add anything to the list that you have found works for you.


  1. 6) Limit alcohol! Not only is it high calorie, but inevitably when I drink I let my cravings rule the roost and soon I'm munching on foods that gets me further from my goals!

  2. Water! Your body may be craving water, not something snacky. Give four or five ounces a try; oh heck, be brave and give eight ounces a try, and see what you want to eat then. If you still want a snack, chances are you will have less of whatever you choose.

  3. Those are good! One trick for limiting eating in social situations is to eat a healthy snack or meal right before you go, so you won't eat the unhealthy stuff just because you're hungry. I also have to tell myself "Rachel, do not stand or sit near the snacks!" :-). Joanne is right on with the water thing, and this also helps in limiting alcohol. At parties, hold a bottle/glass of water in your hand so your brain still feels like you're participating (sparkling water feels more festive). At bars/restaurants, order water with or after your drink, both to hydrate and to space out your consumption of alcohol.

    Through pregnancy and now when breastfeeding I've learned to really savor every sip of wine or beer I allowed myself, that's been an informative experience.

  4. Thanks mom! Yes, water is key! You'll be glad to hear that I have indeed already drank 3 glasses so far today.

    Rachel, so true. At my boss's birthday party she had the most ridiculously delicious food and I don't think I left that room even once. Yikes! Truthfully, later I was a little embarrased about that.

    Great idea with still holding on to something. Keeps your hands occupied too and away from all the snacks!

    I like the idea of being more mindful with my alcohol consumption and taking the time to really enjoy the drink I have and not drink it so fast!

  5. I echo Rachel's suggestions! I had to figure some of that out when I stopped drinking alcohol but still wanted to be able to go out with friends. So I usually order sparkling/seltzer water with a lime, then squeeze the lime in. It's pretty good!