Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the loooove of Chai!

Venti, Nonfat, Extra hot, No foam, with 6 pumps (that's one extra) of chai please

(If you've been to SBUX with me, you know that the ordering of this drink borders on annoying. But I can't help it. You work for the BUX for any length of time and on slow days you perfect your favorite drinks.)

Oh dear. I love my chai tea lattes.

Turns out. That according to the SBUX website that little fix of mine is costing me 260 calories (more since I get an extra pump of chai deliciousness) and almost $4 bucks. The 260 wouldn't be so bad except for my propensity to couple the chai with a delicious pumpkin scone. YUM!
I tried the oatmeal. It was pretty good! Still I just feel like there could be healthier ways to start the day that don't involve a sugar blowout. Any ideas for making a lower sugar yet delcious chai at home? I'm thinking steeping chai tea and then adding it to hot Nonfat milk. Maybe a little sugar? It won't be the same as the SBUX chai but far less calories** and dollars!

**A note about calories. I'm not really counting calories right now. But I am trying to actively make healthier food choices. I've been recording my food in a food log for a while now and so I'd like to use that as a tool to start noting patterns and food habits.


  1. Have you ever tried the Good Earth tea? It's not chai, but it's a spicy red tea and the longer you let it steep, the spicier it gets. I usually make it with a little milk and honey. But be warned: it doesn't have caffeine. Jimminy!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I really enjoy the caffeine in the black tea even though it's not a lot. Funny, my mom actually drank Good Earth tea all the time and it was the only tea we had in the house. I remember reading in one of my teen magazines that you could reduce puffiness by putting tea bags over your eyes. So of course I reached for the Good Earth tea. I can totally remember thinking "ooh this stings a little." Must really be working. Well, when I took it off of my eyes yowsa, there were 2 red squares over my eyelids where the spices had burned my skin! HA!

  3. Your solution sounds like it would work, though nonfat might be a little watery, lowfat would add a touch of creaminess...that story about the teabags on your eyes is hilarious, but sounds painful!

  4. That's a good idea. I got so used to Nonfat milk for cereal etc that it'll feel like a total indulgence to have 1 or 2% =)

    And yes, it was painful, though I think I was more embarrassed than anything.

  5. Ha! The number of times those teen magazines steered me wrong ...

  6. Bethany! You can do this! All you need is half and half! It is the answer to all things. You get the Good Earth Chai and top it off with half n half. It has more fat but it good for you plus it has less sugar than milk which is even better. Then take that $ that you saved from not going to starbucks and put it right into your savings (or just transfer). Doesn't that feel good! There is comfort in making things at home. You'll love it.

    By the way, did you take that picture?