Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Functional fitness

As I was running (read: huffing and puffing up the hill) for the bus this morning, I thought about functional fitness. And that term feels helpful because I'm trying to think about reasons why I'm embarking on my "bgettinghot plan". I need motivation that I can grab on to when I'm feeling most... unmotivated. So beyond just wanting to look better and feel more comfortable, I also want to have better functional fitness. Being able to catch the bus when I'm running after it (I did catch it this morning but because it got caught at a red light =), or being able to haul my groceries up my stairs without feeling like I'm going to pass out, or keep up with my niece who will surely be able to outrun me soon.
So yes. That is one of my new favorite terms. Functional fitness. Feeling grateful for all my body can do and wanting to help it out by giving it some better fuel and building up some muscles too!

P.S. Heard a great analogy on Dr. Laura (yes I said Dr. Laura-- she does give some good advice, even though she pisses me off about her opinions on immigration, etc).
If your car gets a flat tire what would you do? (I do not have a car but analogy works just the same).
You probably answered fix it, right? You wouldn't go around and make the other 3 tires flat. The same goes with your eating plan or exercise plan. If you get off track or make a bad choice then you fix it and move forward, not give up and ditch the plan. Love it!

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