Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grocery store trip-- goal accomplished! Hooray! Armed with a list that correlated to an actual menu for the week, I enjoyed the lovely Spring-like weather and headed to my neighborhood Safeway. The trip included a first; I bought rice vinegar to use in a recipe which I've never used. I am going to use it this week in a pasta dish. Not sure yet what else I will use it for but there's a website I heard about where you can type in the ingredient and they'll pull up recipes that use it.

What do you think? Is it worth it to buy bagged salad if you're more likely to eat it?

I bought celery for the first time too. My Gma uses it in tuna and I think it sounds like a good idea. The green thing above the bananas in this picture is my reusable bag that Lau gave me for my birthday. I remember when I first moved here, I went shopping and asked for my groceries to be double bagged paper inside of plastic. Everyone in line gasped. The clerk said "where you been lady? That's illegal." Who knew! No plastic bags in major grocery stores. Took me a while to bring my reusable bags on the regular but now I like it. It's a habit I wish I had started a long time ago.
My walk from the grocery store to my bus stop. Lovely day!

That's the Golden Gate bridge! It's lovely!
I'll keep you updated on my progress this week in terms of actually using the food for my lunches!


  1. How fun to go shopping with you! I say yes, buy the bagged salad if having a variety of greens already prepared is more likely to get you to eat a salad. You might like to add something different, like jicama, for a fun taste, or toss in a diced orange; keep it interesting. Don't you love menu ideas from me?

  2. Menu ideas are great!
    I go back and forth about it. The bagged salad is more expensive but it's convenient!

  3. So funny...I've always pictured any place you're walking to be more "hollywood San Fran-ish" building after building and sidewalks in the funny to see these pictures! SSSSOOOO proud of your grocery shopping!!! this is great!! even though i'd rather my tuna not be crunchy like gramma and you apparently do...I have to say, I'm glad you got it! We buy the bags of salad for Todd's out well for us. I know its a little $$ but we think its worth it. I could also almost tear up at the sight of your grocery bag...I too take my own bags to the store and feel so good like Mother Earth is patting me on the back every time I walk out of the store!! GO GREEN!! I'm so proud of you...this is awesome and inspiring on so many levels!!! I may have missed something...but if its not too much trouble...could you maybe post what you're menu is for the week?? I'm interested!!!

  4. Hee hee, yeah Keri, we have that too. Where I was walking was the most North part of SF which is called the Marina. I love walking down here and if you keep going you get to Chrissy Field, both beautiful places to walk.

    I had never tried the crunchy celery but I tried it for lunch today and loved it!

    Sure, happy to post my menu!! I'll post it later tonight. So glad you're reading along and thanks for cheering me on! Love you!

  5. OK, so do I need to call your Yamma "Celeryma" from now on? Hahaha, good for you, friend! Let me know that website for the missing ingredient, too - I could use it.

  6. Bagged salad, all the way! Baby steps! I am so proud of you and did I hear you right? Resuable bags have become a habit that you now enjoy! I love it. I can't wait to hear about all your other habits that are established after all this hard work you are putting in. Way to go!

  7. Yup! I am totally bringing my bags with me all the time now =) It does feel good to be more conscious of it. Thanks Autumn! I'm excited to share my healthy habits!!

  8. P.S. And even more than being excited to share my healthy habits, I'm excited to find out what they are ;)