Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here we go!

You've seen Dr. Oz, right?

He gets guests up on stage and says "It's time to tell the truth". His truth tube gets folks to look at where they are at right now. Not yesterday or some undetermined time in the future. But right now. The truth tube.
There's something to that idea.
This blog is my little truth tube. A chance to share where I'm at as I move along this journey of losing weight and gaining self. Or rather, B getting hot! (If I can't keep my sense of humor about it, then what's the point right?)

So yeah, here's what you can expect from me....
-Daily (well, at least really regular posts) sharing my efforts in the moment to lose weight.
-The truth

What I hope I can get from you...
-Your listening ear and heart along the way because this is tough!
-Your commitment to keeping this private. I'm feeling brave. But not quite ready to broadcast my truth tube into syndication.
-Comments or advice if you feel so moved

Thanks for listening! Here we go!


  1. I'm right here with ya, B-dazzling!

  2. Thanks LB! It feels nice to know I can share this adventure with friends!

  3. I love it and am happy to be here as a listening ear and heart on your journey. Can't wait to hear more.

  4. Thanks Kelli! So glad you'll be reading along =)