Sunday, March 14, 2010

The hills of San Francisco

Today I headed to the paint store to pick out colors for my new room. I combined my errand with some fresh air and exercise. It was so beautiful out today!
I walked down to the paint store where I was greeted by some of the absolute friendliest and most helpful store employees I could ask for. (And after I'd picked out my colors and asked for the clerks advice he said I had a natural eye for color selection and matching! I hope that the paint looks as good on the wall as it did in the store).
After picking out my paint it was time to head home... uphill! It was a great walk though, about 20 minutes or so and I still marvel at the steps in the sidewalk! Definitely more fun than the stairstep machine at the gym.

Golden Gate bridge in the distance! (I know... I'm still such a tourist sometimes)

Yup, the paint store is waaay down there at the bottom of the hill.

The top!


  1. Love the errand and a walk. Great idea! That hill puts any hill in sd to shame.

  2. Yes, except for that hill (mountain!) that we climbed. Let's do that again when I visit =)