Monday, March 8, 2010

My menu for Monday

Keri asked me to post the menu that I was referencing. Sure! I'll just post Monday for now with sneak previews of my dinners this week. I've been having a lot of trouble making good food choices. My grocery store mission was so that I could stock up and have food at the ready so I can make better choices.

Monday menu

Coffee -I bought it today, but usually I try to make it at home

Oatmeal with cinnamon, milk, 3 tsp of brown sugar and a little hazelnut creamer (it might sound strange, but the creamer we use for our coffee, I put just a little on the oatmeal. It makes it so much more flavorful)

yogurt, 1 Kashi chewy granola bar. I discovered the honey almond kind that's chewy and I love it!

about an hour later I had a banana

1 can tuna mixed with a little mayo, relish, chopped crispy celery

Wheat Thins


york peppermint patty (one of the big ones)

I planned to have a piece of toast with honey and pb but I didn't eat this, instead I waited for dinner since I'm going to have a bigger dinner tonight


Tonight I have a meeting so they're buying dinner

Papalote burritos (YUM) Grilled veggie burritto with sour cream, guacamole chips and salsa
ate the whole thing, wish I had cut it in half and saved some for later
orangina drink

Upcoming dinners this week

Rice and Chicken casserole - Autumns recipe (I'll post the results tomorrow after I make it)

Pasta with broccoli and peanut sauce- also Autumns recipe

Overall I felt really good about my food for Monday. I noticed that I really craved that sweet chai and by lunch I was on a hunt for sugar!! I didn't have a treat til about 2 or 3 when I was really crashing. Have any of you ever done sugar detox? I haven't cut out my sugar but I'm trying to ease up on it a bit. Advice? Recommendations?


  1. I love Kashi! Their cereal and bars are tasty. A San Diego company, too :-).

    I can never quite convince myself to cut my restaurant portions in half, even though I know they're larger than they should be.

  2. I haven't tried their cereal. Do you have a favorite? I had no idea they were SD based.

    Yeah, with restaurant portions I do usually eat the whole thing, but I definitely could have eased up with the burrito. I knew I was full before I finished it =)

  3. I like Go Lean Crunch, and they just came out with a berry version of this that was good. The taste is on the healthy side, not totally sweet, but full of good fiber stuff. I'm working my way through a box of Honey Sunshine right now, it's pretty good. They were on sale at Target last week :-). Yep, their headquarters are in the UTC area. The owner came in to my parents' studio a couple of times.

    I was just reading about the Japanese practice of eating until you feel 80% full...we're just not trained to think about eating that way!