Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My morning

Lovely day in SF. So sunny and warm. I miss warm weather a la San Diego. This morning I went for a little walk. Not too long though. I should have walked longer. These trees are so lovely, they will bloom soon with vibrantly pink cherry blossoms.

Loved the chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

Went to my mailbox and Rachel had sent me a great article from Shape magazine! Thanks Rachel!
This is SO me. Diet Rebel!!! "It won't make a difference any way. It's too hard. I can't give up the foods I love, etc. etc. etc." But that's not trrruuuueeee!!!

Love the suggestion of the flavorful, portion-controlled meals that allow me to feel like I'm indulging. Need healthy and convenient too.
The takeout queen section also had some good recommendations since buying food on the go has been my norm.
Speaking of which, as I work towards changing away from my food norm of eating out all of the time, I have to share a proud food moment I had today!
Last night I made turkey burgers (from a recipe from Cooks Illustrated that added some ricotta cheese, a little worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and dijon mustard) The combo worked! I'd never tried that before.
Then for lunch I brought one of the leftover turkey burgers and crumbled it in a tortilla with a little hummus, tomato and cheese. It tasted so good! I wished I'd put more veggies in it, or especially lettuce-- but, I'll confess I only made it through have of my bagged salad before it went bad. Anyway, just had to share because I felt proud of me! Like I had been resourceful and creative. Yippee! Is this how it's done?
P.S. Followed this meal with a little bit of dark chocolate m and m's. I was craving sweets and I waited and yup still craving them 15 minutes later. I made sure to account for them in my log though. Now drinking water since I most certainly haven't had enough today.


  1. Your lunch sounds deeeeeelicious. And that's exactly how it's done, you resourceful and creative one! Yay for proud food moments!

    By the way, you've inspired me to start keeping my own food log. It's kind of amazing how much crap I eat all day long - little things I stuff into my face that I barely even notice. Just writing it down has been a huge help for me - I feel like I'm actually paying attention. So thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Awesome LB!!! I was just looking back at my food log from a few weeks ago to get a sense of where I'm at with spacing out my food throughout the day. It's proving to be a helpful tool. So glad you started one!