Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh, you mean I have to plan my meals ahead of time?

Yesterday-- excellent on the working out. Went to yoga despite how unbelievably comfortable my pajamas and bed were. It was one of the most intense classes I'd been to in a while. "Just stay in the moment Bethany. Oh and breathe. Oh and don't fall on your face." Yup, that was pretty much on repeat for the whole hour and a half.
Hoorah for yoga! And today sheeeow I am sore but in a good way.

But on the food front... not so great. Got a super sweet chai and pastry (hence the motivation for my post yesterday), and had a heavy lunch and not so healthy dinner. It was like it was snowballing. I couldn't quite get a hold long enough to pause and follow up the one unhealthy choice with a better one. The slippery slope got me and I just let it ride.

Autumn got me a menu planner notebook and I remember I was SO proud of myself as I emerged from the grocery store with food based on an actual planned menu for the week ahead. But turns out I have to keep doing that. Not just once. So my goal this weekend is to sit down with my notebook and go grocery shopping so I'll have food to use to pack my lunch.

I also have to remember I can keep it simple! Sometimes I get too elaborate and it makes follow through hard. Until this becomes a habit (which it can, right?) I need to keep it simple and keep it up!

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