Friday, March 12, 2010

Recording my food

I mentioned before I've been logging my food for about 10 weeks or so. I've missed a few days here and there, but I've been pretty consistent!
I've been spending time looking through my log and it's actually turned into a pretty useful tool. One thing I love about this book is that it has room to write out focus areas, for example limiting sugar or drinking my water (added that for you mom =)
I've also been paying attention to my alcohol consumption too. Seeing it all written down has been pretty helpful if not a bit embarrasing. But if I can't share it in the "truth tube" then where can I share it. Thought I'd share a few that stood out to me and helped me get motivated to start this blog and start making some choices that would help me feel stronger and better in my day.

As you can see 1/27.... not such a great food day. Especially dinner, Fruit loops... really?
I love that I had written down next to my food that night "What was I looking for?" What was I upset about or seeking by eating potato chips and drinking beer as a snack and then hours later before I went to bed realizing of course I was still hungry (for some real food) that I scavaged for something quick and chose Fruit loops.

The second log I included definitely feels like progress. I only ate a banana and drank coffee in the morning so by 11 am and headed downstairs to the cafe in our building to get chai and sweet bread. I like that I noted "I needed something more substantial for breakfast".
I brought my lunch that day and definitely made a better choice there. And even though I ate out that night I did at least eat a real dinner.
And I went to ballet and went out rollerskating (yup, I said rollerskating, with some of my friends).

My logs these days are starting to feel a bit more solid. Actual meals and snacks spaced out.
I'm still don't feel super solid on trusting the pause button is there. Using the pause button is like flexing a muscle though, gotta keep working with it, making it stronger!


  1. I love these logs! I think you need to start eating protein for breakfast - starting the day off with sugar, even a banana, is dangerous stuff. Sometimes I keep sliced lunch meat (turkey or ham, the quality deli kind not the cheap slimy kind) in the fridge and just grab a few slices on my way out the door. I also sometimes eat a bowl of yogurt with a big handful of walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Either way, the protein seems to make a big difference - I don't get that famished dizzy feeling by 11 am.

  2. Yes! Protein! I agree!! I think that's the problem with the chai and sweet bread. As delicious as it is, I'm crashing because it's not really filling me or giving me what my body needs. I have been getting the deli lunch meat too for my sandwiches (SO much better =) I've never tried eating it for breakfast though. What other protein in the am solutions have you all found: Yogurt with walnuts (great idea!), Scrambled eggs, Fake sausage (I've been getting much more into the fake sausage then regular links), other ideas welcome!

  3. I like string cheese (there are a bunch of coupons out there!) or any cheese really. But string cheese is easy to grab and go. I agree with the protein. I have been trying to add more to my diet which is tricky because it tends to be more expensive than carbs.

    One idea is when you make scrambled eggs make a double batch and then your breakfast will be ready for the next day or later in the week.

    Also I have toast with as much peanut butter as I can spred on. Mmm peanut butter. Oh, it has to be natural. There shouldn't be sugar in pb, heee.

  4. Also great job on the logs! That is commitment. In Julian Micheals book she says to eat every three hours which seems closer than usual. She wants you to watch the clock and be strict about it.

    On a side note, I love how you don't stay in the lines. You make it your own.

  5. Thanks for the protein suggestions Autumn! I got a Jif pb that is all natural. I think it might have a little sugar, I'll have to check, but it is far less sugar than the regular kind.

    I think the logs are helpful. I like writing things down and helping to keep track of my food. Did you like JIllian Michaels book? Sometimes I imagine that she's yelling at me (in the best most motivational way possible) when I'm on the treadmill.