Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry to be m.i.a. this weekend! In part had to log off because I think I was reeling a bit from my last post. It's scary to be so honest sometimes. But I am glad to have shared it with you all, and I'm glad to continue sharing on this journey.

This weekend was a huge all day board meeting for work so I was inside for most of the glorious sunny weather. I did get a ton of arm workouts from my painting though! Not even half way through, but I have made progress.


  1. Welcome back, friend! This past weekend, I talked to my mom (who has basically been on a diet her entire life, she's part of that generation) and told her about what you're doing with your blog. I also shared the general topic of your last post (shame about a number), and she and I talked for a long time about it. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on it. There's clearly some gendered stuff going on here, about weight and shame, that I wish our society would address head-on. Why is it okay for men to brag about their beer bellies? (That's just annoying on its own terms). Anyway, welcome back and have a great week ahead!

  2. Thanks LB! Good to be back =) And I'm so excited to hear about your conversation with your mom! How powerful to hear her experiences and also it is a trip to think about what hasn't changed, particularly the gendering of acceptable weight.