Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sugar detox

Found this Dr. Oz sugar detox plan. Not sure if I'm quite ready to go there but I thought his articles on sugar and sugar addiction were super interesting.
I'm also not a fan of the sugar substitutes. Have you found any subs that offer the sugar fix?


  1. Or... is the point to move away from needing the sugar fix?

  2. I'm such a sugar fanatic, I would have a really hard time with this! I don't tend to add sugar to anything, but I love desserts and such...I had a friend in college who gave up processed sugar and she said it did wonders for her skin and energy level.

    Do you like Splenda?

  3. Yeah me too! Oh my desserts! Love them!
    I've tried Splenda once and it still had a funny taste to me.
    I think for now I'll just try to cut down on sugar, but it was pretty amazing to read Dr. Oz's take on sugar. Too bad I just discovered the 24 hour donut shop by my house. Really? Really? Now?!?! After 2 years of being in this neighborhood, I find the donut shop when I'm focusing on losing weight now?! =)

  4. How about substituting good sugars to feed into your sugar craving? Dates, bananas, and dried fruit all work for me. Dried mangoes from Trader Joes are delicious!! NO donuts! ;)

  5. Hi Kinnery! Ah you mean nature's candy! I did have a date for the first time the other day and it was so good! Who knew?!?
    And yes, I agree.....no donuts. =)

  6. Okay, you know I am all about cutting sugar out. After slowly cutting sugar out of our meals, Dave has been slowly losing weight and with less sugar you don't crave as much sugar.
    However, I think just being conscious about sugar intake at this point is good. One step at a time.

  7. Thanks Autumn! Yes, I'm definitely being more conscious of my sugar intake. I crave it big time, but I'm trying to find recipes that have more flavor or include more fruit instead of automatically adding sugar.