Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to kick it up a notch

Alright... 3 weeks, 2 pounds. I know, it's not just about the number, but I started this journey because I wanted to feel better, move better... and that my friends means taking off some pounds!
So, we're kicking it up a notch.
About 2 years ago, I did phase I of the Fat Smash Diet and honestly I felt great. I felt more awake (despite the lack of coffee), I felt less stressed out (perhaps from lack of sugar?), and most of all I felt absolutely more present in my day. I remember calling Autumn and practically crying because I felt good but couldn't fathom giving up my favorites long term. And sure enough come day 10 (and subsequently the start of phase II), those old favorites started creeping in.
But hey, let's give it another go!
SO tomorrow.... here we go! Wish me luck!

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