Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weight room choreography...

Hi friends,
Do you go to the gym and do strength training? If you do, do you have a routine? Any tips for remembering it?
I usually just putt around lifting this and pushing off of this, but recently I've wanted to get more focused when I'm there so that I can see results and make changes.
I found this book with some weight lifting routines but I'm wondering if it's weird to bring the book with me into the gym. I definitely think I need it to be able to know what to do next. Hmmm.. it doesn't matter if it's weird right? The point is I'm there for me. It's okay if I look like a rookie........ Because, well I am.


  1. I generally use the same method you've been using - ho hum, that machine looks interesting ... but the book could be helpful. What if, instead of taking the whole book, you photocopy one or two exercises you want to try, then just bring the papers with you? You could throw them away when you're done, or when you've mastered the exercise. I don't know ... I'm curious to see what others suggest!

  2. Been too long since I went to the gym at all. Sigh. I prefer to not be carrying a lot around, so the photocopy idea seems good to me.

  3. Thanks! The photocopying is a good idea. I tried writing a list down but some of the exercises are still brand new to me so seeing the pics/ instructions are helpful.

  4. I've never brought anything with me, but I've seen on Shape.com that they sell exercise cards where each card is a specific weight training exercise, I thought that was a good idea. Not that I ever followed through with getting them :-)

  5. You have an iphone where I am sure you listen to music on, try looking for apps that have exercise routines on them or save something to your phone. or ipod....

  6. Oh yeah, my iphone! I am clearly not using that to its full potential. I usually bring my ipod shuffle with me to listen to music. I suppose I should just add it on my phone.... ha ha! I'll have to check out the exercise apps too!!