Thursday, March 25, 2010

When you're going to launch an eating overhaul, be sure to plan

...or at least go grocery shopping.
Luckily I have a grocery store right by my job, so I stocked up. But not before a little meltdown.
Seriously.. I did. I was sitting in my cubicle and thinking I was hungry. I started looking through the list of foods that are okay for these next 9 days and I just kind of panicked. My co-worker walked by and clearly read the look of fear on my face. I told her about my food overhaul and suddenly I was tearing up.
She came over and said "Aw buddy!" And then proceeded to look over my list and make some suggestions. Armed with a "you can do it" from my coworkers I headed out the door to the grocery store. I was almost there when I stopped and gave Autumn a call, hoping she'd have some advice and ideas. Autumn has witnessed more than one bout of my food prep panics and puts things in perspective in a gentle but firm way. I couldn't quite explain the fear I was having other than to say I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do this. But then she pointed out "Bethany, you ARE doing this."
I was repeating that to myself as I headed into the grocery store and stocked up on food for tomorrow and this weekend. All on my list! I did make a few choices that might be stretches during the strict phase I: hummus, which has oil in it and a Kashi microwave dinner of rice and veggies that lists one or two things like a natural cane sweetener that I don't think is on the list, but since it was so low on the list and everything else was right one I went with it.

Tonight I made some egg whites and mixed it with beans. It was pretty good. I even used some garlic to help flavor it. One thing was the egg whites were really sticking so I used a small pat of butter to help coat the pan and mix with the garlic. Also not on my list. (If you have any suggestions or things you use instead of butter in your pan, I'd love to hear recommendations).

So overall I'll give myself an 8, maybe even an 8.5. Mostly because I didn't give up! And I'm proud of progress.


  1. Looks like a lot of good stuff! Cooking spray could help with the sticking issue, and adds hardly anything to a dish. You can get an olive oil version if you're worried about the health of the oil, though.

    All of the challenges you're setting for yourself are reminding me to try to be healthier, too! I've been a bit lax since having the baby, using the excuse that I'm breastfeeding so need more calories anyway, and I've been having some lingering medical issues (not dangerous, just irritating) that make me feel sorry for myself and go for the treats...It really is a mental and emotional challenge sometimes!

  2. Hope everything is okay!

    And yes, I do feel like so much of it is mental and emotional for me. That's part of why this journey is important though. It's about so much more than the food for me and always has been. I'm glad to get to share this with you all!