Thursday, April 22, 2010

DC yoga

Traveling for work again. Captured some road trip yoga in honor of the trip.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Note to a future me...

Dear future me,
You can have wine it's true. But try to think about how you feel right now. 3 glasses plus a kind of junky dinner equals upset stomach. You feel better when you eat good food and drink plenty of water.
Bethany at 11:50pm up with a stomachache and alkaseltzer.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do you sleep?

Exercise definitely helps with sleep right? My sleep schedule has been kind of bizarre. Example, Friday night I went to yoga and then headed to a movie. When I got home I slept and slept and slept. Then I woke up and slept some more. Finally I got up only to need another nap. Even though I was getting a lot of sleep it still wasn't really restful and restorative. I think it was a combo of the exercise and just a really long week (or perhaps a 10pm movie is far too late for me). I wanted to share this article from yahoo's Shine blog with some tips:

Good habits for good sleep:
1. Exercise most days, even if it’s just to take a walk.
2. No caffeine after 7:00 p.m.
3. An hour before bedtime, avoid doing any kind of work that takes alert thinking. Addressing envelopes—okay. Analyzing an article—nope.
4. Adjust your bedroom temperature to be slightly chilly.
5. Keep your bedroom dark. Studies show that even the tiny light from a digital alarm clock can disrupt a sleep cycle. We have about six devices in our room that glow bright green; it’s like sleeping in a mad scientist’s lab. The Big Man's new pet, a Roomba (yes, he loves his robot vacuum), gives out so much light that I have to cover it with a pillow before bed.
6. Keep the bedroom as tidy as possible. It’s not restful to fight through chaos into bed.

If sleep won’t come:
1. Breathe deeply and slowly until you can’t stand it anymore.
2. If your mind is racing (you’re planning a trip, a move, Christmas shopping; you’re worried about a medical diagnosis), write down what’s on your mind. This technique really works for me.
3. Slather yourself with body lotion. It feels good and also, if you’re having trouble sleeping because you’re hot, it cools you down.
4. If your feet are cold, put on socks.
5. Stretch your whole body.
6. Have a warm drink. Some people claim that warm milk contains melatonin and trytophan and so helps induce sleep, but in fact, a glass of milk doesn’t contain enough to have any effect. But it’s still a soothing drink. My nighttime favorite: 1/3 mug of milk, add boiling water, one packet of Equal, and a dash of vanilla. A real nursery treat.
7. Yawn.
8. Stretch your toes up and down several times.
9. Tell yourself, “I have to get up now.” Imagine that you just hit the snooze alarm and in a minute, you’re going to be marching through the morning routine. Often this is an exhausting enough prospect to make me fall asleep.

Re-frame your sleeplessness as a welcome opportunity to snatch some extra time out of your day. I get up and tackle mundane chores, like paying bills, organizing books, or tidying up. Then I start the day with a wonderful feeling of having accomplished something even before 6:45 am.

P.S. Push up video coming soon. I promise.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More fun with pushups

Only 2 more days til my second push up video-- chronicling my quest to do a full push up off of my knees!
Today I was thinking about this and I randomly asked my boss (and the ED of the organization) if she could do a push up. She looked at me and said "of course". And she said it in a tone that made me think that what she wanted to follow that statement with was "can't everyone?"
So after work we had a game night and once we were all relaxed and out of work mode I asked her to show me. Ha! And she did. She busted out 10 push ups like it was no effort at all and said that for her birthday a few years ago she had a goal to do 50 in a row. Well, then everyone in my office got into it and pretty soon we were all attempting pushups. I was nervous to try since everyone else could do one, but I gave it a go and had fun at least being brave enough to try.
I'm going to keep working on it!

I'm curious, what are some goals you're working on right now?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little compliment goes a long way

Today my ballet teacher pointed to me just after I'd done a step and said "Nice!"
It made me feel so good.
That's about all I have to report today.

That and I'll share that I was contemplating doing a 30 day yoga challenge (yoga everyday for a month). I went 2 days and I'm so sore it's hard to describe. You know sometimes I get a little "all or nothing". Have you noticed that about me?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Want to read along with me?

My April book is "Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything"
by Geneen Roth
I'm ordering on amazon right... now!

Want to learn more about the book?
Oprah says:

An excerpt:

Let me know if you'd like to read along! I'll be posting about it here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely morning

A lovely morning in Minne"snow"ta. It was gorgeous warm weather! Thanks to facebook updates I found out that an incredible film, Off and Running, was playing at the Minneapolis JCC. It's a film that COLAGE has co-sponsored and will be a part of the fall POV series on PBS. Before the film, in honor of the theme of the movie they hosted a 1.5 mile community run! I decided to do it!
It was an amazing trail and though I hadn't made it to the hotel gym, this made up for it! I felt so proud of myself for having gotten up early and been adventurous in a new town. Everyone was super kind and friendly and after the run we were given, bagels, orange juice and a film festival t-shirt!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Healthy travelling

Sorry for the sparse posts this week. I'm traveling for work; which bring me to the topic of this post. How do you stay healthy while traveling? When you can't prepare meals for yourself and you're out of the routine you've created.

I was delighted to see that the hotel where I'm staying has a gym, so I've made a committment to go to the hotel gym at least once during this trip. And in terms of food.... hmmm I find that my sweet tooth is pretty loud and in charge when I travel. I think it's connected to comfort. When I'm away from home splurges somehow seem less damaging and also have a way of comforting and soothing. But those calories count too.

I travel for work quite a bit. As I enter my third year of traveling around the country I'm trying to find ways to make my own "routines while en route" so that I can still have some comforts of home. Yes, it took me almost 2 years to realize that's what I needed.

Here are a few ideas I'm digging right now:

Around exercise
-I just found this amazing website called Search "Megan yoga" and it will pull up videos with this awesome instructor and they are FREE! Hooray. So that's a fun thing I can do right in my hotel room.
-Walking around the city and checking out some new sites.
-If I have time search out a local yoga studio or dance studio and try a class in a new city. (so far I've only done this once. I took a yoga class in New York and even though I was so nervous, it was really quite fun!)

I'm still brainstorming about the food list. I'll keep you posted, and as always, ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The gym dilemma

Can I get your advice?
Here's the dilemma.
I love my gym.
When I first moved here I visited a dozen gyms, read countless yelp reviews, asked for recommendations from friends.... All so that I could find this gym.
Beautiful facility, amazing cardio equipment, classes galore, tvs at every treadmill, clean locker facilities including towels and lotion and q-tips and mouthwash!
But I haven't been going.
I was on a roll for a while. Heading to the gym a few times a week. Getting ready for work at the gym and using the sauna... swoon!
But I haven't been going and it is expensive. So here's the question. Should I cancel my membership? Can I get a good workout and lose this weight without a gym. Should I just go more often and really buckle down?
Lately the yoga mat has been calling me more than the treadmill. And maybe it's the spring weather but I think I want to go for a walk outside. So yeah. There it is, what do you think?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Slippery slope alert

Last night I went to a banquet honoring one of my favorite teachers up here in the bay area. I had planned ahead and knew I was going to leave myself room to splurge a little, including having 1 glass of wine.

I had 2 glasses. Along with a second and third helping of too many eats to name. They brought out at least 10 courses (not kidding) and though we shared the eats with the other 9 members of the table, I found myself splurging a bit more than I needed to. Not stuffing myself, but definitely eating more what I'd accounted for in a "little splurge".

This post is more about me being accountable and wanting to share the great stuff (going to ballet three weeks in a row) and the stuff that doesn't necessarily move me closer to a weight loss goal (why did those desserts have to be so tasty?)

I needed to clarify mostly for myself. I'm working hard not to personally feel "bad" or "guilty" about splurges and instead to see it as a part of an ongoing relationship shift with food. Developing a healthier sense of what role food has in my life and which foods can help me move closer to my goal of losing weight and being healthy.

Also, it won't do any good to replace shame I feel about my weight, with shame about the foods I eat. Shame is shame and it doesn't have a place in the healthier sense of self I am working hard to build.

Friday night and Saturday night not such amazing choices in food, but I'm tracking it, so it doesn't turn into a week of unhealthy choices! Onward!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yum! This is my favorite "Phase I" recipe that I tried and actually "made up" myself!

3 egg whites cooked with a little butter and minced garlic

Topped it with a mix of brown and wild rice, quinoa, spiced diced tomatoes and lowfat spicy refried beans.

What I loved about it was how easy it was! The rice and quinoa was an instant rice mix that cooks in the microwave in 90 seconds. The spiced diced tomatoes and beans were both from a can. I mixed them all together and yum!. First I tried to eat it by itself and then realized how delicious it would be as a topping for eggs! After I took this picture, I added a little of the plain yogurt (my new favorite sour cream substitute) and some hot sauce. Perfecto!

Come on over and I'll make it for you for brunch.

Friday, April 2, 2010

grumble grumble

No, I should rename the post. But for now, it's grumble grumble.
Ate kind of junky tonight. Not terrible, but had more sweets than I needed and even when I was full, I kept eating. Now my stomach is not so happy with me. I don't feel sick, just a little too full which is uncomfortable. I did see the pause button, and then promptly ignored it. Onward though! And reminding myself that being excited to finish my nine day detox can be celebrated in other ways than with food.... hmmmm....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

B getting hot! March in Review

Wow! It's been a month of learning and the start of some fat burning! Hooray!

Thanks again for reading along and especially for your comments and ideas! If you're reading and you haven't commented, please chime in.

March getting hot in review, by the numbers:
16--days that I incorporated some form of movement, exercise or extra activities in my day.

5 (at least)-- new recipes and snacks I've tried in my effort to find foods that feel filling and tasty.

38-- posts sharing my steps and goals.

7-- pounds lost! (according to our scale, but my clothes don't feel different yet)

4-- pretty cool resources / websites I've just been introduced to/ recommend

2-- highest number of days of yoga in one week (goal is 3)

7-- number of pushups I can do (on my knees) without stopping

Those numbers don't truly sum up the month for me. More than anything is the feeling of support I have received from you and the moments when I've felt proud of myself for pushing myself to try something new, or to keep going! As I enter April, I'd like to focus on those moments of feeling proud and build on them.

A few areas I want to keep up on or do more of in this month:

  • Continue working through Fat Smash diet, and allow myself some treats without guilt when I really really want them and make the conscious choice (example, I fixed a hot chocolate packet for myself, but felt okay about it. 140 calories, not too too bad. I'm glad to have gone for that instead of buying a fancy SBUX chai or eating junk)
  • Keep going back to yoga, even when it feels hard
  • Find the joy in trying new foods and being creative with healthy foods instead of feeling deprived or discouraged.
  • Up my exercise! I want to exercise 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes each session.
  • Keep working on my pushups! My next video is in about 2 weeks!
  • Appreciate the journey!

Onward to April!!

Day 8!


Day 8. Eeeek!
P.S. I came in early to work today because I've got a lot of looming deadlines. It meant skipping yoga though which I was looking forward to. My co-worker and I just did an impromtu yoga session over by our conference table. Only 10 minutes but it was wonderful!