Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The gym dilemma

Can I get your advice?
Here's the dilemma.
I love my gym.
When I first moved here I visited a dozen gyms, read countless yelp reviews, asked for recommendations from friends.... All so that I could find this gym.
Beautiful facility, amazing cardio equipment, classes galore, tvs at every treadmill, clean locker facilities including towels and lotion and q-tips and mouthwash!
But I haven't been going.
I was on a roll for a while. Heading to the gym a few times a week. Getting ready for work at the gym and using the sauna... swoon!
But I haven't been going and it is expensive. So here's the question. Should I cancel my membership? Can I get a good workout and lose this weight without a gym. Should I just go more often and really buckle down?
Lately the yoga mat has been calling me more than the treadmill. And maybe it's the spring weather but I think I want to go for a walk outside. So yeah. There it is, what do you think?


  1. What do you consider as your ideal workout routine that you would stick to? I hate running outside and don't play any sports and don't quite feel comfortable going for long walks in our neighborhood, and I know I won't get myself to Lake Murray or Mission Bay to walk on a consistent basis, so when I picture getting back to my workout routine it's with the gym equipment in our complex. But I don't have to pay extra for it, so at least when I'm not going I don't have that extra guilt of wasting money.

    So I think it would be worth hanging on to the gym membership if you believe it's the routine workout you aspire to, and if you do commit yourself to going. But if you're satisfied and able to reach your goals through your routine of yoga, ballet, and other cardio (and do you work in strength training with weights anywhere?) then you could be one of those who are most successful when they keep their workouts outside the gym.

  2. I echo Rachel's comments, and I also would consider the cost of any start-up fees or one-time costs you would have to pay if you cancel your membership and then decided you want to join again. Sometimes those fees are really steep, and sometimes not.

    I got sick of the gym at my complex recently too, but one thing I've been doing that seems to work is running or walking outside 2 days a week, then doing a quick workout at the gym once a week, usually lifting weights and no more than 30 minutes. Committing to once a week for strength training, but letting myself enjoy the good weather and city life, has been a good balance. Maybe something similar would work for you too?

  3. Thank you for the suggestions. You both presented some good ideas.
    And yup, there was a hefty start-up fee LB.
    I am thinking I will keep it for now. I do love my ballet class and my yoga, and if I go to the gym at least twice a week I think I'll feel like I'm getting my money worth.
    I wish the classes they had there worked better with my schedule but as it is now the classes are too early (like 6:30am or 5:30 pm) and since my work schedule tends to be 10-6 or 11-7 that doesn't feel like it works well. But I do love their cardio equipment and their weights section (I just need to get a bit braver about going over to the weights section will all the boys!)

  4. I think you should mention the scheduling issue to the people who run the gym. Surely you are not the only one in that situation - I bet there are lots of people who can't take the classes cause they're too early. Then, if they do offer a later class, you'd feel obligated to go =)