Friday, April 9, 2010

Healthy travelling

Sorry for the sparse posts this week. I'm traveling for work; which bring me to the topic of this post. How do you stay healthy while traveling? When you can't prepare meals for yourself and you're out of the routine you've created.

I was delighted to see that the hotel where I'm staying has a gym, so I've made a committment to go to the hotel gym at least once during this trip. And in terms of food.... hmmm I find that my sweet tooth is pretty loud and in charge when I travel. I think it's connected to comfort. When I'm away from home splurges somehow seem less damaging and also have a way of comforting and soothing. But those calories count too.

I travel for work quite a bit. As I enter my third year of traveling around the country I'm trying to find ways to make my own "routines while en route" so that I can still have some comforts of home. Yes, it took me almost 2 years to realize that's what I needed.

Here are a few ideas I'm digging right now:

Around exercise
-I just found this amazing website called Search "Megan yoga" and it will pull up videos with this awesome instructor and they are FREE! Hooray. So that's a fun thing I can do right in my hotel room.
-Walking around the city and checking out some new sites.
-If I have time search out a local yoga studio or dance studio and try a class in a new city. (so far I've only done this once. I took a yoga class in New York and even though I was so nervous, it was really quite fun!)

I'm still brainstorming about the food list. I'll keep you posted, and as always, ideas are welcome!


  1. I'm horrible with being healthy when I travel. It all goes downhill from the plane ride, when my routine gets all messed up and the available food is totally processed.

    When I try hard, I pack veggies and fruit for the flight, and when I get to my destination I get some fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks like nuts for my bag and for the hotel room, since I'm usually not sure what my eating schedule will be.

    But then another big problem is the work dinner, where everyone orders a starter and dessert and wine. That always gets me. And if food is put out during a meeting I tend to help myself.

    I would never be organized to go to a class when in another city, and I've never gotten to the hotel gym, but I do try to get out for a walk to explore a bit. Good ideas!

  2. Oh man. This is really a hard one. I need answers to this problem too. Sometimes I have brought me own non-perishable food in my suitcase. Things like canned tuna, granola bars, and fruit. I try to always eat breakfast out of what I brought with me. But one can only eat canned goods for so long! And I'm a total sucker for trying restaurants in new cities. The one thing that seems to work is eating in Vietnamese or Japanese restaurants - pretty much everything there is low in fat and has lots of veggies, at least. But I want to know what others have to say too! (thanks Rachel)

  3. By the way, where are you this week?

  4. Rachel, yes! The work dinners! Wine and inevitably something high fat and tasty. I only went to a class in another city once, but it was fun and I think it would be worth it to try again sometime.
    Laura (and actually Rachel too!) I'm in Minnesota! I say and Rachel too because I'm in your alma maters city! The weather is so nice and so I'm hoping that I can get an outdoor workout in before heading back to SF.
    And yes!! Trying restaurants in a new city can be super fun! I sometimes get a little lazy and just go for quick or something in the hotel. But I try to step it up a bit and try at least one new coffee shop or new restaurant.

  5. Minneapolis is a great city, you'd definitely be able to find interesting restaurants there. I didn't get there very often (I was a carless student, and Northfield is about an hour away), but the Uptown area is really cute. We went to this Thai restaurant once, and it seems to still be popular -

  6. Thanks for the recommendation! I didn't make it there this time, but I am going to keep it on the list. (Thai is my favorite type of food!)

  7. Oatmeal in those little packets, (but not the brown sugar one, only regular) you make with the hot water from the coffee maker. I brought my own mug but a spoon from the hotel. Also make pb&js on wheat. They don't go bad and are perfect for the plane. Buy apples and small carrots there or before you go. These are great travelers.

    Eating out-no comment. I love to eat.