Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovely morning

A lovely morning in Minne"snow"ta. It was gorgeous warm weather! Thanks to facebook updates I found out that an incredible film, Off and Running, was playing at the Minneapolis JCC. It's a film that COLAGE has co-sponsored and will be a part of the fall POV series on PBS. Before the film, in honor of the theme of the movie they hosted a 1.5 mile community run! I decided to do it!
It was an amazing trail and though I hadn't made it to the hotel gym, this made up for it! I felt so proud of myself for having gotten up early and been adventurous in a new town. Everyone was super kind and friendly and after the run we were given, bagels, orange juice and a film festival t-shirt!


  1. That's great! Totally adventurous to join in an organized run like that. Ahh, beautiful spring day in Minnesota, where they REALLY appreciate it :-)

  2. Rachel, It did feel like an adventure! I think that's why everyone was in such a good mood. They were feeling springtime!
    LB, Thanks for such sweet words! Your comments and encouragement are inspiring me!!!