Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Note to a future me...

Dear future me,
You can have wine it's true. But try to think about how you feel right now. 3 glasses plus a kind of junky dinner equals upset stomach. You feel better when you eat good food and drink plenty of water.
Bethany at 11:50pm up with a stomachache and alkaseltzer.....


  1. Oh no!!! I hope you got to peaceful sleep eventually. I have to give myself a similar stern "talking to" whenever I give in and eat pizza and soda. It's never as good as I expect it to be, and then I feel like crap for two days. So if you figure out how to get your future you to listen to your present you, let me know, 'cause I need to borrow your technique!

  2. A couple of alka seltzer later and I was feeling a bit better. Yeah as you can tell from the video, the wine seemed like a good idea at the time. It actually was a good idea but I did encourage myself to have a make choices more towards moderation next time.

  3. And about the future self. I've been working on that. I was thinking about the QWOCMAP film festival this summer. 7 weeks away and I want to feel good at the festival. That doesn't have to mean losing some ridiculous amount of weight but I can feel stronger. So, I'm trying to think of my future self on that stage feeling proud of the work I've been doing. Now, I just need to remember that in the "pause" before I eat something that moves me further from my goal.