Monday, May 31, 2010

Goal report back

This weekend, while busy, was so lovely. I think it's mostly because I was actually feeling pretty healthy for the most part after such a nasty cold. I set some goals for the weekend and I think I did well!

go grocery shopping so that I have good food in the house (and can get back to packing lunches next week)
Went shopping and got produce and some basics. I'll still need to get some goodies at the store tomorrow, but it felt really nice to have actual fresh food in the house.

Exercise at least 2 times this weekend, maybe even including a yoga class
It was a double dose today. Walked 2 miles and did yoga!! The yoga was a little tricky since I went to class right after seeing SATC2 with my roomie (complete with a cocktail or two). Pre-yoga cocktails... yowsa maybe not such a great idea.

Get good sleep
About to go to bed. Nice.

Work on cleaning up my room and making it feel more comfortable and clean. (I'll post some pics from my new room soon!)
Yes! Painted a piece of furniture I found on the street (Autumn, you'd be proud of me). And organized a bit.

Catch up on some of the blog posts I've been meaning to share!
More coming soon =)

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