Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here I am!

Hi there! Didn't mean to lag in my posts.
I like posting regularly. It helps keep me connected to you and to my goals.
Speaking of which... I have been so far away from my goals lately. My trip to DC gave me a chance to practice being healthy while traveling. I think it was something about a second trip so close to my trip to Minnesota. And feeling stressed and not paying attention. The last few weeks have been a prime example of the slippery slope/ snowball/ whatever you want to call it, winning out over my smart choices. Ie... (almost) daily chais, sweets, alcohol. Yikes! But I realized that instead of running away from my goals, I have the choice to reconnect with them.
So, here goes!
I'm reconnecting to my goals. Instead of extremes or all or nothing choices, I'm trying to reflect on why I started this journey in the first place: to get HEALTHY!
What is my goal?
My goal is to be under 200 pounds and healthy, strong, sexy, and confident.

199 is not going to automatically equal healthy, strong, sexy and confident. But those feelings are achieved (I think) by setting and achieving goals. 199 is also not going to automatically make all my worries, debts, fears, etc go away. But 199 will mark a breaking through of a wall and the achievement of a goal that has felt so very far away.

I started reading this really wonderful blog called The Simple Dollar. A recent post talked about the idea of "Snowflaking". Basically it's the idea of not needing to snowball change in order to make a difference, but instead these little choices we make every day really do add up. Check out the post. It's pretty great. "It creates a powerful connection between big goals and the little choices we make each day, often in a very tangible fashion." Love this statement!!!

How lovely! Yes! These little choices I make every day. Even when I may not notice right away, connect me and ground me in my goals and I feel it in a more tangible way and make real movement!

Happy May folks! Please stick with me!


  1. Glad you checked in; I was missing you!
    How is the "Women, Food and God" book?

  2. Thanks mom! Glad you're still reading along. The book is really good. I'll post an update soon. She's definitely has me thinking about food some surprisingly new ways.

  3. Yes, Happy May, indeed! I'm glad you're back to writing daily (now I need to get caught up with you). I am a big fan of the "big goals, little steps" approach. In addition to the food log you inspired me to start, I also keep a writing log where I write down every time I work on a writing project. It's really fabulous to look back at the early months when I was working on my book, and now it's done! I think the food log can serve a similar purpose - in addition to keeping us mindful in the present, it's also a nice tool for reflecting on how far we've come. Hooray!

  4. Thanks LB! And whhhhaaaatt!?!?!? Did I hear you say that you finished your book! LB! Congratulations! So excited about your logs! Keep me updated. xoxo

  5. I liked that article, and blog. You know I try to save wherever I can. Today I waited in line at Henry's for manager approval to correct a mischarge for $1.49. That might be too much but I got so much joy out of it. I love the idea of putting the small amount of $ you save at the end towards debt but I can also be happy just knowing I saved.