Monday, May 31, 2010

To revitalist or not to revitalist

Over dinner tonight my roomies and I started talking about wrinkles. I don't think that's a bad word, just one that I haven't used much until recently. Turns out my roommate has been using eye cream and firming cream since she was 25!!! (She's 31 now) I was laughing about this revelation because apparently it's something that is "the norm" to start younger and younger. "You have to do it before you get wrinkles. It's a preventative measure."
"Too late, I have them already."
"It's never too late Bethany. Start now."
I remembered that Oprah had given me a bottle of revitalist at her Live your Best Life Weekend. (I still have so much blogging I want to do about that weekend!)
I figured it's worth trying, since it's free and all.
We also talked about sunblock. Something I put on when I head to the beach or a picnic but I don't use daily. That's a for sure.
But the revitalift? I don't know. What do you think? Is it a slippery slope? Or just a part of taking care of your skin?


  1. i say...revitalift....may as well do it now while we don't have too...may keep us from the "need" a bit longer. Mom is always on me about SPF...i'm bad with it too. she says if i'd wear make skin would be protected?? i think my skin is better off w/o it...for now. we're getting to that age when we start asking these questions.... :^/

  2. Sunscreen and good genes are all you need. Use the jar and then toss it. If all this winkle cream stuff worked then they would be coming out with new stuff every month. Check out The Beauty Bible (from the library), it reviews everything.