Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walk off the blah's

Beautiful Spring Day in SF. Feeling super drained though. Decided that I'd walk to my errand rather than ride the bus. Then I decided to walk back. Nice pace, no rushing. Just listening to my "4 minutes" pandora station and enjoying the sunshine. I didn't even mind that I showed up to the bank all sweaty and they still were just as happy to take my money.
Here are a few pics I snapped while heading past my local park.


  1. My goodness it is beautiful there right now! I bet you felt a lot better afterwards? And how often do you really get that much time to yourself, with no rush? Sounds wonderful.

  2. Yeah, we had such incredible weather this weekend and I was feeling so down. But the walk yesterday was lovely. It definitely made me feel good. Now, if only I can remember that when I'm feeling down!