Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Heidi said

Despite Cosmo's claim that they have the corner on all things sexy and fabulous, I typically ignore the mag. That's usually pretty easy to do, but recently my roommate started subscribing and now we have copies all over the house. The May issue sitting on my kitchen table caught my eye because I tend to admire something about Heidi Klum's general fabulousness. Although I must admit this last season of Project Runway totally bored me (except for the genius of Tim Gunn of course).
I flipped to Heidis interview and was really struck by this quote.
You have to fully try before you give up.
As you know I've had some trouble these last few weeks with staying the course on my gettinghot goals. So I liked her take on this. Kind of like telling me, "Go ahead Bethany, give up. But only after you really really fully try." And it's in those moments that I really really fully try that I want to give up the least because I feel better and stronger and healthier!


  1. And the hidden piece of that idea is that you can *always* try just a little harder ...

  2. So true, so true. Til you try and try and there's that moment when you know... yup. I'm done with that.