Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yoga in NYC!

Last weekend I went to New York for a real live vacation! The last 3 trips to New York have been for work, so I was delighted to see what heading out to NY for rest and relaxation could feel like!
How do you "turn off work" and head into vacation mode? I made a list for myself: 1) Since I was heading to the Oprah "Live Your Best Life" Weekend, I wanted to relax and really try to soak in all the beauty and delight of the Oprah-fied wisdom. 2) take a yoga class. 3) get a massage 4) eat delicious food 5) have a cocktail or three

First stop! A yoga class! I looked up a few options but then received an email from a friend announcing a "90s yoga cocktail hour". An hour of yoga moves and 90s jams.

Can't say that I've ever yoga flowed to ice ice baby before, but now I can.
As I work up to my 3 yoga classes a day it's fun to take classes at new studios. Just heard on Dr. Oz that he does: 50% cardio, 30% yoga, 20% strength training. (And speaking of Dr. Oz, stay tuned!)
How do you tune into vacation mode? does yoga do the trick for you?


  1. You didn't tell me about that yoga. When did the cocktails come in? During child's pose?

  2. I wish there had been actual cocktails. But alas it was just "cocktail hour". Though if I remember correctly I did go out for dinner and a beer after class =)