Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dust yourself off and try again.

Three things:
1) I made my pita sandwich again and remembered to take a picture before I ate it. It was really good. And I liked using hummus instead of mayo and mustard.

2) My friend invited me to a 7:15am yoga class tomorrow! Eek! Must go to bed early and even lay out my yoga clothes so that I'm all ready.

3) I feel a little calmer today. A little more gentle on myself. Been digging Jillian Michaels mantra from her new show "Losing It". I only saw a bit of it, but in the part I saw, she said:

Why choose failure when success is an option.

Ooooh! I've been trying to move away from thinking of any of my efforts as a failure, but I really liked that and even said it to myself when I was wanting to go get a chai this morning instead of making my coffee at home.

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