Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food is your friend

Not sure when my cousin Keri got so wise. I called her right after I finished my work day.

A hard day. I entered my office optimistic and excited to have had a weekend of recharging and right away from the second I opened my email, I was stressed out. I tried to shake it off. I drank tea I'd made myself! I ate my healthy lunch.

And then, I started snacking.

In the moment it seems like the food is going to comfort and help take that stress away. Like it's going to relieve it. But it doesn't make the situations better or make me less overwhelmed. It might calm a bit for a moment but it doesn't comfort.

It does help to distract for a second, but then I end up feeling bad about eating it and when the high from the junk wears off I still have to deal with all of the things I had to deal with before.

As many times as I think I know that lesson it's a relearning process. Little by little creating new strategies for the pause button. New tools for me to tap in to; ones that actually recharge me for tackling those to do's instead of zapping me and leaving me feeling discouraged.

I know this post might sound like ones I've written before, but know that I'm learning. And as I'm learning, I'm sharing.

Ah, so back to Keri! I called her and she helped me pause. And say, "Beth food is still your friend. Just because you ate junk this afternoon it doesn't mean that you have failed." It was nice to help me pause and get some perspective.

Thanks Keri! And thanks friends for reading along.

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