Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen

Alright folks... If I'm going to be real on this blog, I've got to tell it like it is. That includes the things I'm pretty embarrassed about. Meaning I'm going to share our ridiculously cluttered pantry....
We don't have much cabinet space in the kitchen, but we do have a nice sized storage room where we have our laundry, storage and our pantry. It started as a bookshelf. Then we put a table in front. 2 roomies who moved out over the last 2 years left a bunch of her food and so what started as individual shelves turned into a big jumble. When we get back from the grocery store we just kind of throw our food in there.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it means that we easily forget what we've purchased and so when it's time to fix dinner, sorting through this madness is the last thing anyone wants to do.
So I'm on a mission! I'm going to organize it.

As Peter Walsh says, "No one makes good choices in a messy kitchen". And it's so true. It just stresses me out to even look at it. I'll keep you updated right here on bgettinghot. My goals for the space include moving the table away so that we can more easily access the shelves. Having all food neatly organized so that I can quickly see what I have and what I need more of. Since one of my goals is to cook at home more, I've been working to make the kitchen more of a space I want to spend time in and that includes the pantry. Stay tuned!

We're walking

That little fluff ball at my feet is our puppy, Fillmore. She's actually my roomie's dog, but since I live with her, I get to enjoy her good moods and snuggles (as well as her mischievous puppy ways too). One good thing about her is our need to walk her a few times a day. It's gotten me out of the house more readily and walking more often.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm taking part in a study that looks at the link between being overweight and your asthma. Today the clinician had me identify which image looked most like the way I see myself now and which one is the image that I see as my ideal image.
It looked something like this.

I selected 7 as how I see myself now and 4 as what seems like where I'd want to be. 4 seemed pretty comfortable. Not super skinny but definitely toned.

I also found this image in a People magazine I was reading recently. She's a plus sized model who has recently lost some weight and is feeling like her life is healthier than it's ever been. She's still considered plus sized, though she seems pretty small to me. She seems pretty close to the number 4 in the images above.

What about you? Does your self-perception feel pretty accurate?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hop to it!

That was some hiatus! But here I am and excited to keep sharing this journey. Check out this video from my Oprah Summer Vacation. It features a special guest!
(**directors note, turn down the volume a bit, I was right by the microphone =)