Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm taking part in a study that looks at the link between being overweight and your asthma. Today the clinician had me identify which image looked most like the way I see myself now and which one is the image that I see as my ideal image.
It looked something like this.

I selected 7 as how I see myself now and 4 as what seems like where I'd want to be. 4 seemed pretty comfortable. Not super skinny but definitely toned.

I also found this image in a People magazine I was reading recently. She's a plus sized model who has recently lost some weight and is feeling like her life is healthier than it's ever been. She's still considered plus sized, though she seems pretty small to me. She seems pretty close to the number 4 in the images above.

What about you? Does your self-perception feel pretty accurate?


  1. How is she a plus sized model? She's beautiful! I like number 4 too...I actually started to gain some weight this summer because I was using food for comfort and so I pulled out your pilates video you gave me and stopped snacking so much and I feel better and think of you three times a week in the morning when I is a win win :).

  2. Right? She seems super small to me!
    Teri! That's awesome to hear. Not only that you are using the Pilates video, but also that you think of meeeee! =)