Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting hot on a budget.

I am currently unemployed. Nope, not trying to panic here. And I'll save the stories and worry for off line chats. I bring it up though because gone are the days when I can afford a fancy gym membership (even though let me tell you I loved that sauna!).

Perfect to open my email box and receive a message from Real Simple that included this helpful tip:
Get fit at home. Set up an efficient gym in your house that will work your whole body, no matter how much space you have available. Finally, a complete workout without ever leaving home.
I started thinking about what I used at the gym: the treadmill (despite its' bad rep I really like the treadmill), the free weights (though sometimes I get a little intimidated by the folks there), and the mats for stretching. And I looked into the equipment I already have on hand.
My yoga mats (not pictured), my 5 lb. free weights, my muscle roller (that big white roller thing), my blocks (assists for yoga), and my videos. A couple of yin yoga videos and my latest acquisition Jackie!
And for my treadmill walks I happen to live in one of the hilliest cities ever. Is that all enough to achieve hotness?
Ah, right, I actually have to use them.

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