Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good morning!

Good morning!
Last night I made sure I had a few things on my nightstand to help get the day started right. These included water, my pedometer, some "light" reading on healthy lifestyles and one of my newest favorite quotes: "Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live." -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I'm feeling more motivated to get moving in part because I've been feeling so down lately. So many transitions have been weighing on me with losing my job, gaining weight, and generally just feeling overwhelmed. So this space, right here, this blog is helping me revisit some of my goals and I think feel a little less alone as I work to achieve them.

Last night I went to the first of this class on healthy balance, looking at tools to help you lose weight and eat better. They say that folks who are trying to lose weight generally know more than anyone else about how to do it. From calorie content, to fat grams, to best exercises; its not from lack of knowledge that we're feeling far from our goals. But a class can help to get these things back in the forefront of your mind and also help revitalize your goals.

There were folks of all ages and sizes in the class. First a nutritionist spoke and then the fitness guy led us through some stretches. I want to complain just a tiny bit because I did not like the fitness guys approach at all. He was teaching us some stretches from our chair that you can do at your desk at work or anywhere. But he wasn't explaining them thoroughly and the people next to me were doing it in a way that looked really really uncomfortable. I have taken (and taught) enough movement classes to know that it's pretty disrespectful to "side teach"; basically as a student give corrections or instructions to a fellow student. So I didn't want to say anything. Finally though when a guy next to me said I just don't feel anything, I whispered "try scooting your hips closer to the edge of your chair". He did and then said, "oh wow, that works." He smiled at me and said thanks and I felt glad that I snuck in a little comment to him. I don't think the instructor even caught it.

At the class they had us weigh in (I've gained about 14 pounds since I started this journey-- I'll let you do the math). And then after we took our latest weight we received a folder and a little keeping track booklet. Each week we'll record our food and our exercise and turn it in. We're also supposed to weigh ourselves everyday which feels a bit contrary to what I've heard in the past but I'll give it a go. We were to set some goals for ourselves for the first week. For me I set writing down all my food as accurately as possible since it's a habit I've fallen out of, wear my pedometer all week to record my steps, and also incorporate daily stretching. Those feel doable!

So I figure its great to have team support on this one. Between my class and my sharing here with you, I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic that I can share obstacles and moments of overwhelm and keep on moving towards my goals!

Oh speaking of goals! They gave us a goal. It's the first time that I've had a goal handed to me and I kind of liked it. Taking some of the guesswork out. They basically encouraged us to lose about a pound a week and at the end of the class they want you to have lost 7% of your body weight. I'll keep you updated here!

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