Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello friends

Why hello there.
So many lovely things I want to share with you. 2 announcements for you in this post.
1) I love my friends (that's you I'm talking about my dear friend and reader of this blog journey). And at this moment I'm writing this post from Autumn's house. You know Autumn, right? Mama o' 2 amazing girls that I adore. And all around excellent encourager.

I took a quick little hi-ate-us down south here so that I can see some of my favorite people and also get a quick recharge. I was talking to Autumn about feeling discouraged about having gained weight (I have) and she said quite simply. "Well, it's a transition time for you right now. It doesn't have to be forever." I eat healthier here, get more exercise and frankly get spoiled by the Nyby family hospitality. Love it. Love her! Thanks for the encouragement Autumn!

Announcement 2) I have been selected to participate in a blogging/ fitness adventure. I'll be taking daily classes at a local Pilates studio in the city and blogging about it! Like a pretty public version of what I'm doing over here on bgettinghot. So as soon as I have the link I'll be sharing it with you friends!

Stick with me! I'm still here!!!