Thursday, December 2, 2010


Lunch with my friend.
Wanted this...

And this...

Chose this....

Gotta appreciate the Target Cafe (not where I had intended to have lunch) had some really healthy options. Complete with calorie count.
I am NOT on a diet. The mere word summons so many feelings of anxiety that I take great care to avoid it. But I am trying to make some healthier choices. And for me that meant no yummy, gooey, greasy pizza and instead having a turkey sandwich that wound up being filling and a better option for me in the moment.


  1. That's some good willpower! Anyway, Target pizza isn't actually that good, in my opinion. It just looks great and tasted great for the first three bites and then you feel the oil and grease hit your stomach and you feel sick for the next 3 hours. I'm just saying! Goooo turkey sandwich!

  2. Thanks LB. Yeah that pizza looked good, but what I tried to remind myself was that I know how what good pizza tastes like and since right now I am trying to make choices that feel better long term, I can pass up this short term splurge. One choice at a time right?

  3. Love the choice and the pics!

    Can you take a picture of your food everyday! I would love that!

    Too many exclamations?