Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st day of December

Hi friends!
It's been a minute-- actually a month since I last chatted with you here.
My blogging adventure of daily Pilates and blogging was sadly postponed. I had to hold off for a week because I went down south to visit with my family when my Uncle was in the hospital. And then a week later overdid some lifting and tweaked my back. Yowsa! I'm feeling okay about the holding off though because as much as I love the idea of the daily workouts and blogging, I'm really out of shape and I don't want to injure myself even more and be out of commission for longer. So, that means for now I just get to direct my blogging energy right here with you!
Thanks for your encouragement and love!

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  1. Yeah! I can't wait for all the new adventures!