Thursday, January 13, 2011

Committment issues

I love my pedometer. But I don't Loooove my pedometer.
And yet somehow this morning I woke up and felt like the princess and the pea. You know, where she has a pea under all those mattresses and so she can't sleep.
Well this morning I had a pedometer digging into my left hip. Ow!
I guess I clipped the pedometer on to my pajamas because I was going to be up for a while and I wanted to keep recording steps? I don't exactly remember, but I know I certainly didn't intend to wear it while I slept. Although that could be a very helpful way to see if you sleepwalk....

I woke up before my alarm and I might have been a little cranky about that so I tossed my pedometer onto my nightstand. So I thought. But I haven't been able to find it all day. Maybe our little Fillmore got to it.

I had planned to do a post update about my steps, similar to this one here. But I honestly have no idea what happened to it. Note to self: Do not throw/ toss/ shove your pedometer, phone, alarm, etc when you are half asleep; not if you want to be able to use them again anyway.

Okay, ready?

This is a picture of my pedometer from the first post I did about recording my steps.
Imagine on Monday it read: 13,099
and on Tuesday it read: 11, 875
Not bad!
I hadn't recorded down the steps for yesterday but I know I didn't do too much extra walking so it was pretty low.

I haven't given up on my search so hopefully I'll have more numbers to report soon! Especially since Coleen and I have another interval training date coming up this weekend.

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