Friday, January 21, 2011

Consider me hydrated!

I answered my very persistent thirst with... water! No chai, not even one! Yes, coffee. But I had a chai free day.
In fact here's what I drank yesterday:
First thing when I woke up I drank a glass of water.
(It almost made my chai craving disappear, or at least dull down to a whisper.)

Cup of coffee with a tiny bit of cream

Glass of water #2

Lunch time I drank another glass of water

Followed by another cup of coffee with cream

And then the rest of the night I drank 2 more glasses of water.
That's 5 glasses!
While it's not the 8 I'm aiming for, it's a mega improvement from my drink tally just 2 days ago: 2 chais, wine, 1/2 shot vodka, ginger ale.....
So not only am I hydrated today, but I am also quite proud of my water guzzling.


  1. Way to go! Only 28 more days to go and you'll have it down. Now, I need to go get a glass of water.

  2. Is that how long it takes? Whew! One day at a time right? =)