Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gold star

No records for speed or efficiency, but a definite gold star for getting up and out this morning!
The other day I started brainstorming an outdoor workout that would get me moving and allow me to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having. After over a month of rain and cold it has been absolutely warm and gorgeous this week.

This morning I decided to give the workout a try. But the actual getting to the working out part took me way longer than I'd anticipated.

First I decided to rewrite the circuit since my first draft had been done on the fly and it was pretty sloppy and hard to follow.

Then I realized I didn't want to keep pulling the paper out of my pocket. And I knew I'd definitely need a reminder or two since it's my first time doing this circuit.

I know some folks are able to just get out there and go, but I'm really new to this consistent exercise adventure. I needed structure and a plan close at hand!

So I whipped out my masking tape and sharpie and made a little list that I could stick onto my new ipod holder.

I'm all geared up when I remembered I still had my Xmas mega mix on my ipod from this workout. I knew I needed some new tunes to get me going. So I exchanged Let it Snow and Carol of the Bells for a few songs that were sure to keep me grooving (That new Cee-lo song totally does the trick!)

By the time I had some oatmeal and finally laced up my shoes, it'd been almost an hour and I still hadn't worked out! But I was determined to give it a try!
I headed outside and started the circuit.
1) Lap around the park
2) Rocky stairmaster workout (all the way up the stairs, stretch at the top, back down, up 2/3, down, up 1/3, down)
3) Lap around the park
4) Rocky stairmaster #2
5) 3rd lap around the park and cut through the park to my favorite bench for strength training.
There's a number 6 and 7 to this workout too but it took me almost an hour to get through 1-5! The lap around the park includes some hills, stairs, and some lovely views... whoo!

I felt really proud of myself (and sore too!)
I will definitely do this circuit again but next time I'm hoping the gearing up will be smoother (and will include sunblock). It gets easier right?

Here are a few pics I snapped after my workout during the cool down.
View from the top and the bottom of my Rocky stairmaster workout

The site of my future pushups and tricep dips at my favorite bench.
Plus the view from the bench.

View from the north side of the park (including a glimpse of the bay). Also the future site of my lunges. I didn't do any lunges this time but I got quite the leg workout anyway.

A few more that make me feel like Spring is on its way!


  1. Way to get out there anyway! Clever idea with the making tape! You rock!

  2. Thanks Autumn! I totally thought of you when I was writing it out too. "Use what you have. That's what Autumn would say" =)

  3. Very cool! I love masking tape. It's my favorite of all the tapes just because you can write on it. haha

  4. Thanks Brandi! And yes, I totally agree, so many uses for masking tape! I am sure it will make a reappearance on my blog again =)

  5. The daffodil picture made me smile. It's been a little dreary here in the northwest, and usually I don't mind, but today I was wishing for some sun, so I'll borrow yours, haha. That workout looks so intense, so many stairs! you're amazing!

  6. Oh, I am so jealous of that beautiful weather!! It's still cold and snowy here and I'm dying to get out for a walk!!

  7. @Kate, thanks! I'll happily share that sunshine with you! And yes! My rocky stairmaster workout kicked my butt. I'm so sore today! But every time I did it I just thought about how it will make it easier for me to get up our 3 flights of stairs at home! We live on the 3rd floor so everyday feels a bit like a stairmaster workout =)

    @Kayla Sue, I'm glad I went out yesterday. Today I woke up and it was super cloudy! Still walkable, but certainly not the warm clear skies we had yesterday! Ah unpredictable SF weather!

  8. That looks like a great workout and I loved the pictures. I do sometimes miss California because I know by now the weather is pretty awesome back in my hometown. I've given you one of those bloggy awards that are being passed around. You don't have to follow any of the rules but if you want to pick it up, it's at my site here:

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Thank you so much! I'll definitely go check it out! What a treat!!

  10. I'm totally inspired by this -- I want to create my own circuit now. I just wish I had such a beautiful place to work out!

  11. @LB So happy to hear it inspired you! And you are welcome here in SF anytime! =)

  12. P.S. LB, You know I am jealous that you have "real" seasons, right? =)