Saturday, January 1, 2011

Julia v. Seinfeld aka the great Muffin Top debate

Sitting in the theater, trying with all my might to be swept up into the world of Eat, Pray, Love.... I'd read the book and liked it enough to look forward to the release of the film. My decadently food filled trip with Julia (as Elizabeth Gilbert) was cut short when the topic of "The Muffin Top" came up. Her friend is bemoaning the emergence of her muffin top. And while Julia announces that the only thing they need to do is to buy bigger pants, it was made clear that the muffin top club is not one you want a membership to.

I remember shifting uncomfortably in my seat. Muffin top? I squirmed a bit and looked down at the chubb poking over my jeans. Despite the shirt I had carefully picked out to wear on this movie date, I could still see what did appear to be a muffin top shaped bulge around my middle. Where did that come from? I never really noticed it in that way before. I knew I'd gained weight, but I didn't know there was a term coined to describe my new shape.

I have to admit up until that moment I had only used the term "Muffin Top" with mouth watering love. You remember Seinfeld right? Season 8..."The Muffin Tops"? The best part of the muffin? The top of the muffin is Elaine's million dollar idea! Remember Top of the Muffin to You! An entire shop devoted to the muffin top! The only thing the Seinfeld gang were trying to get rid of were the muffin stumps.

Here in this dark theater, a place where you can melt into a plush seat and for a moment forget your size (seat too tight? just raise that armrest); I was confronted by uber-svelte Julia and her virtually non-existent muffin top. Although she declares "muffin top be damned, eat away"; I can't help but feel betrayed by her faux glutenous ways.

Missed those moments, here are the clips. I present, Julia v. Seinfeld



Truth is.... fat around your middle is pretty dangerous. Not just dangerous, it could be deadly since it's usually a precursor to diabetes and heart disease. And all love for the "top o' the muffin" aside, I haven't been digging the way it looks either.

So... I figure what better thing to leave in 2010 than the muffin top.

Saccharine sweet offers advice on how to rid your self of your muffin top once and for all. Despite calling it "the infamously unsightly muffin top", "muffin top syndrome", etc., the advice is pretty solid:

(1) Wear clothes that fit. Your transformation will not happen overnight, so in the meantime, wear clothes that flatter your body.

(2) Ditch white bread, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and anything with refined sugar!

and 3) Work out!

You can get the full scoop here.

In the meantime, I'm going to lean towards the love of the muffin top/ aka I want to love my body just as it is right now, while adopting fit sugar's advice. Starting with sharing my workouts and body love right here with you! Happy New year!

What about you? Are you team Julia? or Team Seinfeld? Do you hate the phrase "muffin top" when used to describe a body just as much as I do? Share away in the comments.

Julia photo Fran├žois Duhamel as found here
Elaine/ Seinfeld pic as found here


  1. Ha! I just watched Eat, Pray, Love last night! When I watched that scene all I could think of was how good that pizza looked! I guess that puts me with team Julia.

  2. I know, the pizza does look delicious! Probably not as good as the pizza you make though. =)

  3. I wish what I had could be categorized a muffin top. :(

  4. @Pretty Pauline, I am trying to come up with a whole new categorization with terms that honor my body. It was funny, I'd never even heard the word muffin top and then all of a sudden it was everywhere!