Saturday, January 8, 2011

Santa brought me...

A 13.1 mile run!

The text back story:

Dec 19, 2010 7:31 PM
Coleen: Want to run the SF 1/2 marathon in July?

Me: YES!

Coleen: Yay! We should start training in January- there is an info session on 1/6... So excited!

I should note that my reply was immediate. I didn't even pause before I enthusiastically replied YES!

December 25, 1010 7:51PM

Coleen: Merry Christmas B!! My gift to you is your entrance fee for the SF Marathon!
So Santa (aka Coleen) made sure that my excuse of not having the money for the entrance fee had to be immediately knocked off my list.
I should also note that her initial invitation to run the race came on December 19th, I was knee deep in pre-Christmas merriment. Drinking cocoa, listening to my nieces sing Christmas Carols, and remembering the holidays are so much more magical when you share them with little kids. The actual reality of a 13.1 mile run was soooo far away.

I've done a half marathon before. Yup. It's true. You can read all about it on my currently in hiatus blog here. In fact that half-marathon was what sealed the love story with me and SF. I totally remember rounding the curve to the most spectacular and panoramic view of the GG bridge, the bay, the hills,... it was breathtaking.

So I know I have actually completed 13.1 consecutive miles, but that was walking almost the whole way and it was pre- ache filled everything. I'm sore just thinking about it.

So imagine my surprise when I got Coleen's text on January 6th.
C: Ready for tonight? :)
I arrived (late) to Sports Basement. The info session was on the 4th floor strategically placed near the running gear. I saw Coleen standing with a small crowd of people and best of all they were standing in front of a table full of snacks and drinks. I approached the table, greeted Coleen and headed for the brownies. "B!" She said and shook her head, shoving the info packet at me. I sat down and mused at the invisible force of the free brownies and beer that had a subconscious pull on me from the moment I saw them.

Overall the info session was a bit... uninformative. I'd gripe about it, but the rest of our Sports Basement visit so totally made up for it that I'm not even annoyed at the conflicting info we received from the various "organizers".

In summary: 13.1 miles, July 31, 2011, Two options- one that's hilly but gorgeous, one flat an "unremarkable". Train through the SF marathon peeps for additional dollas.

As the meeting wrapped, we decided to head over to the shoe section and snag some gear while we had our discount. (Everyone in attendance got 20% off that night!) If you've ever been to Sports Basement you know that it's huge and the shoe section is almost an entire floor wide. We were attempting to navigate the options when we saw, crouched down, organizing his inventory... Danard.

I've had a sales person at SB help me select a pair of shoes in the past. In fact, that's where I went for my first half-marathon shoes. I bought them 2 days before the race (new shoes 2 days before a major race... rookie mistake). But this was the first time I'd encountered the fitting genius of Danard. He instructed me to walk, then run, then squat. He made marks of the floor, muttered a few words about my gait and then headed to the shoes. "Put one on each and run again," he commanded. "One on..." I stammered. "One on each foot."
He wanted me to try on each of the two different style of shoes he was handing me so I could compare them both during a run. I ran around the store, and then he told me to switch them so I could try the other foot in each shoe.

I chose the one that's on my right foot in this pic.

Coleen went through the same routine and soon we were both holding shoes that felt custom fit to us.
I tried to catch Coleen in action, but she was too fast for me.

Me, my happy feet, and my new fitting genius buddy Danard.

Even the box says run happy, which is exactly what I plan to do.


  1. Wow! Goodbye baby steps, hello 13.1 miles! That’s great.

    I can’t believe you made that poor salesman take a picture with you! You look so excited and he doesn’t even know what to think! I understand the excitement though. I just got a new running shirt and it really bumps up all the good workout vibes!

  2. Thanks Autumn!
    I know, it feels like a leap for me too, but since it's still 7 months away I have time to let it sink in.

    Yeah I hope my enthusiasm for my beautiful new shoes was contagious. =)