Friday, January 21, 2011

smart gal making SMART goals

Buoyed by my day of successful water drinking (5 glasses!), I decided I wanted to take a peek at a few of my other goals to make sure they were SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time based).

I'm a list maker by nature and an avid goal setter but it's the actual incorporation of the goals into my everyday life that I need to practice.

My water goal felt a bit daunting but realistic. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

I added a little water tracking to my food log so that I could mark off each glass. This indeed felt like a smart goal. And I knew if I was going to have 8 glasses I would need to start with water instead of chai or coffee or anything else in the am and then keep drinking it all day long. Of course it is going to take much more than a day to make this a habit, but it's a start right?

I shared my goals (and have them posted there in the side bar so I can reference them every time I log on) so I thought I'd take a look at how I am working towards each one.

1) Take a yoga class each week. During class be kind to myself and remember to breathe.
I'm aiming for Jennifer's 1/2 class each week at Urban Flow Yoga, but since I know that might not always be possible, I have a back up class lined up too. This week I wasn't able to make it to the Tuesday am class so I'm planning to go to to a 1/2 class this weekend instead.

I'm also scheduling yoga dates when I can. I find it's fun to practice in community and some of my friends love going to class even more than I do.
2) Be able to fit into all of my clothes in my closet and feel comfortable and confident in my wardrobe.
I have never shared pics of my room after transforming our living room into my bedroom! I promise to do that soon! In the meantime though, my closet (in the pic above) is overflowing with clothes I don't currently fit in to.

My favorite organizer and dear friend Autumn of Space for Living, is heading up this way for a major organizing adventure and we're going to do a closet purge! I'll be sure to post pics as soon as we're done.

3) Be able to do full and strong push-ups off of my knees.
You've seen my push up attempt videos one and two right? Well, with my shoulder injury that goal has been on pause for a while, but I'm starting to incorporate some strength training and the yoga will help me get closer to that goal too!

4) Complete July 1/2 marathon.
My "official" training starts at the end of January, but my friend Coleen and I have laced up and done some run/ walk intervals to help us prep.

5) Weight loss goal this year of being under 200 lbs.
-I am aiming for 10,000 steps a day on my little pedometer.
-I am tracking all of my food and aiming to reduce my calories to 2,000 a day.
-and now I'm drinking my water!

Plus I think goals 1-4 will all help me get to number 5.
None of these steps feel particularly drastic, but my hope is that I can consistently incorporate them into my days to make real changes!

And sharing this all right here on bgettinghot helps with all of them!

What are some goals you're working on? Have you come up with ways to help you track your progress? Please share!


  1. I AM COMING! Can't wait to go through that closet and put together some outfits that work!

  2. Hooray! I am so thankful and excited to be getting your support! =)

  3. I have a stainless steel 21 ounce water bottle that I keep with me all the time. That bottle goes everywhere I do, even in the house it's never too far from me. I drink about 2 to 3 fills of the bottle a day although I will generally drink as much as I feel my body needs. Anyway, that's one of my little water quirks. I do indeed have goals, in fact, I met all my goals that I set for myself last year. They were mostly hiking goals which were also related to my fitness goals. This year I have three goals so far --to return to Mt. Mitchell (a truly heinous mountain trail) for the third time. Second, do my first 5k in July, third to do a Warrior Dash obstacle race in September and last, to hike to the crater of Mt. St. Helens. Oh yeah, I'm also going to go on my first backpacking hike and I'm going to buy a bicycle and start riding. They're all fun (to me) goals so I'm pretty excited!

  4. Thanks for sharing such fun goals and your tip for getting in enough water during the day! They do sound like fun goals. And having specific trails/ mountains to conquer seems like it would indeed super motivating. I bet the 3rd time back you would probably notice a difference. Love it!
    I can't wait to read about your first backpacking hike over on eatthedamncupcake! I've never been backpacking! Hiking yes, but never backpacking. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Those are fabulous goals! I've found that drinking water from a straw helps me drink more. I have a 32oz cup with a straw that I try to use. Sometimes I have none. (oops) Sometimes I have 4. My goal is at least 2/day along with whatever else I drink that day.

  6. Thanks Brandi! I am excited to dive into these goals. And glad to hear there's another straw fan! I'll have to give it a try.

  7. What a great blog. You have set some awesome goals for yourself. I will be checking back often to track your progress and to gain inspiration. Thanks for blogging!

  8. Thank you! So glad you'll be visiting to check out the goals progress! For me that's exactly what I hoped could be possible with this blog-- a community of folks cheering each other on!