Monday, February 21, 2011

3rd mile's the charm

After my treadmill 5k success, I gotta tell you, I was so nervous for tonights training run. I'd actually had four treadmill successes in a row; each one a little tiny bit faster and a teeny bit further than that one before. And even though they were tough, I still felt more comfortable and control on the treadmill.

Since it'd been rainy and freezing, I'd had a perfect excuse to run on the treadmill instead of outside. Tonight though, I knew I needed to head back outdoors for the regularly scheduled training run.

I sent Coleen a text at 3:48pm
Embarcadero run together?
I nervously awaited her reply, which came just a few seconds later.
Yes :)
Alright, there you had it. It was on. We were running outside. I checked the training chart and it said we were meant to run 3 miles tonight.
That made me even more nervous. I knew I'd done it on the treadmill, but outside there was wind and resistance and and and....

But guess what... Yup, you saw it coming... I did it!

They announced the 1.5 turn around mark was at Mason, and when I got there I have never been more happy to see that street sign.

I stopped there and stretched for a few minutes and then after a minute or so of walking I took off again! This time felt different. I was still feeling the strain, but I actually was able to turn my little jog into an actual run for about 10 seconds at a time or so. I'd pick a pole in the distance and decide I'd "sprint" to that pole. I didn't make it there at a full sprint every time, but I was able to run/jog the whole rest of the way.

It felt like real progress. My legs were super stiff but no where near the pain I had been experiencing during this run here.

So yes! Small but mighty sweet success indeed!

P.S. Fabulous gettin fit blogger Britt just completed her first half marathon and it's so inspiring! You can read all about it here! I'm still quite a few months out from my half marathon (5 months to be exact) so it's great to read about someone who has just completed 13.1 miles o fun.


  1. Great work! Good luck with your half and thanks for the blog shout out :)

  2. Yeah Bethany! What a sweet reward you gave yourself! I'm happy for each success, and to see you building on them.