Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3rd time is the charm (almost)

Just a quick post before my heavy eyelids close for the night.

I reread my last post about our training and I want to be sure I clarify that I did not run all 40 minutes! Not yet anyway! But I did finish all 40 minutes and I was so proud of myself for being there and moving along, even if it was slow.

Tonight was our 3rd training! After a day of being indoors and hardly moving from my seat (I had jury duty), I was actually excited to work out.

Wednesday's are track workouts. Coleen and I headed back to Kezar for a warm up run, a dose of "track etiquette", and our first timed run with the SF marathon training group. There were several groups working out at the stadium and it felt like a totally different place at night, surrounded by elite runners training for triathalons and the like.

No matter! I made it there! This marks a total new record for me. I've never been a consistent runner and 3 times in one week just amazes me! I ran almost the whole mile with only a tiny bit of walking. I am excited to report my first time.

2/2/11 Timed mile/ Track run 15:42

Most of the other trainees were far faster but I actually didn't do too much comparing. I think I was just so focused on getting one foot in front of the other, I didn't have time to worry about being lapped by the other runners.

Coleen told me that one of the trainers had stopped her on the way out and said "You and your friend looked great out there. You kept a nice even pace. Way to go!"

I'll keep you updated as we progress! Our next training is Saturday morning at 8am! Yowsa!


  1. Hey, even finishing 40 minutes is a feat of strength in my book. Very inspirational.

  2. Thanks Darla!! Baby steps, right? :)