Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good morning good morning good morning

That title is the beginning of the song my mom would sing to wake me up in the morning. It was cute when I was 7, not so cute when I was 17.

Some of you early risers may not feel the full impact of my shock at waking up at 6:30am, but for me, it's pretty darn amazing.

Last night, I was so excited to share my pics from Sunday's run. I'd been daydreaming about it all day (I was in jury duty and it was gorgeous outside, so I had to keep channeling the sunshine from Sunday). When I finally did get out of court I had a surprise invite for a Monday night cocktail to celebrate my birthday (belated-- my bday was in December, but if it was up to me I'd celebrate all year long).

Needless to say, by the time I got home at around 8ish, I was pooped. Jury duty is intense, you have to pay such close attention to everything! And so many dates and names and timelines. So, I decided to go to bed. At 9:30pm!! That's a new record for me the former nightowl. Something about this new running schedule and the rapt attention needed for the trial and the cocktail.... ahhh sleep never sounded so good.

So here I am bright and early. I am packing my lunch today (more on that later... for now though I will say I spent $20 at lunch yesterday! Eeek!) so I only have a quick minute to post some shots from my Sunday morning walk.

I woke up on Sunday with a serious case of the blues. It was so hard to get going. I finally convinced myself I just needed to get up out of bed and go wash my face and brush my teeth. Doing that spurred on the energy to get dressed, and then to get out of the house for coffee. I took my coffee and walked up to the park. I was met with such gorgeous evidence of an early Spring that I couldn't help but smile.

After jury duty I'll share the pics from my run that afternoon, for now though, here's a sneak peek!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I'm sure many of us (me) are slightly envious of those beautiful blue skies. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Darla! SF weather is pretty fickle, glad I was able to soak it in a bit this weekend!

  3. I'm more than a little envious. I'm full on GREEN over here. We're supposed to get upper-forties this weekend and I'm so excited! Ha ha. Love the pics and love reading along with your journey. You are amazing, Bethany. XOXO

  4. Thanks Tricia for the encouragement! I'd love to come play in the snow with you and your little one! I loved the pics of your first snowman!