Monday, February 21, 2011

Green thumb alert

Not quite a green thumb... but certainly a good start.

My Grandmother has a gorgeous mint plant on her front porch. I asked her how she gets it to grow so big, and her response? "Oh that old thing? I just forget about it most of the time. But when I remember I just sprinkle a little water on it." Of course she makes it sound so simple. I like to think I inherited my Grandmother's laugh (though really her laugh is one of a kind) and maybe her patience (not really, but I'm working on it). One thing for sure, I did not inherit her green thumb.

My Gma has plants that were brought by visitors to the hospital when I was born! Her plants thrive with seemingly no effort. I love visiting her plants... a huge orange tree, rose bushes, succulents, and of course the bursting mint plant.

On a visit last summer, she gave me a cutting of the mint plant, which quickly thrived and then just as quickly withered. My mother brought me a cutting in the fall when she visited me. It didn't last. But third time was indeed the charm. My third little cutting was snagged during my visit in the late fall and it is officially thriving!
Why all of the fuss over a mint plant?

It's the start of my herb garden!!!

The herb garden I never knew I wanted. When my mint plant really began taking off, I called my Gma and announced, "my herb garden is doing so well!"
"What herb garden?"
"Remember the piece of mint? It's doing so so well!"
"That's not an herb garden."
"It is, Grandma, it is!! It's the teeny tiny start of my herb garden."

I haven't actually used the mint yet, but it smells so good and is just as lovely.
The 2 pics above show it in different light, that's why one is so bright green and the other a bit deeper.

Does anyone else have an herb garden (or even a burgeoning one)?
What exactly do I use my mint for...? Hmmmm...


  1. Mmmmm, I have a good recipe for a delicious lentil and potato stew that uses tons of mint, also lemon. I'll try to find it and send it to you. A few months ago I bought a little basil plant and tried to keep it going, but it ran out of water way faster than I expected and ... died. Maybe I need to try again :)

  2. Ooh! Yes please! Since I'm working on learning how to cook, I'm so excited about the prospect of going to my herb garden for herbs to add to my dishes. Hee hee